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New Scott Website Launch

New scott-sports.com website


We are proud to announce the new SCOTT Sports website. This newsletter introduces highlights and the next steps in website development. Please share the following information with your dealers, athletes, and partners.

Highlights New features on the website
Responsive Design Better look, adjustable to all devices
New Navigation Find the right content faster
New Product Pages Easier and more efficient way to view products
Footer Clear and structured layout
What’s coming next Next steps in the website development

The fresh set-up is more user-friendly, functional and faster. A clear navigation, redefined filters to search faster and an attractive layout characterize the new website. With a responsive design we are able to show our content perfectly adapted on different mobile devices. Finally, by search engine optimization procedures the website itself will be easier to be found and SCOTT products will be listed much higher in rank when searching f.e. on www.google.com.

Responsive Design

The website will adjust to all different devices, smart phone, tablet and desktop.


New Navigation
Less clicks to get the required information faster. You have two ways to navigate. You can start either from “PRODUCTS” or “SPORTS”. On PRODUCTS you will get a cross-divisional overview of all existing product groups. By clicking SPORTS and selecting a division form BIKE, WINTER, RUNNING, or MOTO to see the latest marketing content of each sports.


New Product Pages
All filters have been redefined to be more efficient when searching specific products. We respected not only marketing relevant criteria but also integrated sales arguments, for example “Gore Tex ® fabric“ within the apparel category to facilitate the search for the user.

In addition the product pages are much more appealing and informative by adding related content such as awards, technologies, images, videos etc. underneath the basic product information.


The footer at the bottom of the page is offering a clearly structured layout for easy & fast access to the different information areas.
Easy access to all SCOTT Social media channels.
Change of LANGUAGE
COMPANY information


What’s coming next?
The main goal of the new website project was flexibility. This means also that the website is never ready, the development process is on-going. Here are some of the next steps of the project:
New opportunity to access older products (archive) by clicking on FORMER COLLECTION
Dealer locator improvements
Personalized homepage stories
Product comparison
Paging will be replaced by lazy loading (scroll loading without page selection)
Website search improvement (auto complete)

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