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New Strava/Stanford Data on Exercise During COVID-19

New data from Strava and Stanford University shows the mental, physical, and financial impact of COVID-19 on professional athletes. Considering indoor training restrictions, mask requirements, the postponement of major sporting events like the Olympics and more, 2020 has been a tough year for athletes as they adjust their careers to COVID-19’s restrictions.


Strava by the Numbers
# More than four billion activities have been shared on Strava
# Athletes in every country on earth
# More than 2 million new athletes join every month
# Over 19 million Segments
# 180 employees, most in San Francisco with more in Denver, CO, Hanover, NH and Bristol, UK
# 1,100+ professional athletes are on Strava
# 4.9 billion Kudos given between athletes last year
# Over 4 million photos shared per week
# 300+ communities making active travel better with Strava Metro

About Strava
Strava is the leading platform for athletes and the biggest sports community in the world, with over 70 million athletes in 195 countries. If you sweat you’re an athlete, and Strava’s mobile apps and website connect millions of active people every day. Strava gives athletes simple, fun ways to stay motivated and compete against themselves and others without having to be in the same place at the same time. All athletes belong on Strava no matter where they live, which sport they love or what device they use. Join the community and make the most of your sport with a Strava subscription.

About Stanford University
Stanford University is one of the nation’s strongest teaching and research institutions. Dr. Fredericson, the study principal investigator, is a Professor in the Orthopaedic Surgery Department with a specialization in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Roche, the study lead researcher, received her medical degree from Stanford University in 2018 and is a PhD candidate in epidemiology. Dr. Fredericson and Dr. Roche’s research focuses include sports medicine, lifestyle medicine, and epidemiology.

Go to Strava at: www.strava.com.

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