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New Zwift Features to Enjoy this Indoor Riding Season

Returning to Zwift after the summer ‘off season’?

Here are the top things you’ve been missing out on:

1) Zwift Companion App​​ – yes, Zwift Mobile Link now has a new name: Zwift Companion App. The biggest change you will notice is in workout mode – Zwift Companion transforms into a workout dashboard with handy control that allow you to toggle erg mode on or off, pause, skip blocks, adjust the bias and much more.

2) Alpe du Zwift ​​- love climbing? We’ve got something special for you then! In April, Zwift introduced its first Alpine length climb. Alpe du Zwift is a scale replica of the iconic Alpe d’Huez. Bonus items are up for grabs should you reach the top. Level up to 12 to unlock the Alpe.

3) Training Plans​​ – Zwift introduced its latest training function, flexible Training Plans this summer. Select one of these plans for a tailored program that adjusts to your needs. Progress logically – you need to put in the work to unlock later workouts. Zwift’s training plans display on Companion App and on the main login screen, so you can keep track of exactly what you need to complete each day. Fancy trying one? Why not give ‘Active Offseason’ a go to keep you sharp over the winter period.

4) Android Beta​​ – Yes, it’s here! A Beta version of Zwift for Android is now available to download in the Play Store. Head to Zwift.com to check compatible devices.

5) Innsbruck​​ – in August, Zwift launched its fourth course, Innsbruck – an exact replica of the main circuit ridden at the UCI Road World Championships, Innsbruck-Tirol. Britain’s Dani Rowe did all her World Championships training on Zwift’s Innsbruck course to get familiar with the circuit. Dani was Britain’s best placed rider in the Women’s Elite Road Race.

6) Watopian Running Routes ​​- Watopia received another expansion this autumn with 5km of dedicated running routes down by the pier. Additional sections interlink sections of the shared roads to allow runners to cover more distance than before.

7) New York baby!​​ New York is Zwift’s 5th, and latest course. Centred around the city’s famous Central Park, Zwift’s New York City offers a few hidden surprises. Set 100 years in the future with glass sky roads that take you up into the famous skyline, flying cars and much more!

8) L’Etape du Tour​​ – Zwift has now partnered with the infamous L’Etape du Tour as the official training partners. Soon, Zwifters will be able to enrol in the L’Etape du Tour training club which will follow the official training program. Unique unlocks will be made available to encourage progression.

9) Zwift Academy​​ – Zwift Academy 2018 started in August and saw 35,000 Zwifters enrol. Two winners will receive professional cycling contracts following the finals at the CANYON//SRAM and Team Dimension Data training camps.

10) Zwift Academy Tri ​​- Three of our four team members successfully qualified for the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona. Applications for next years team will open again this winter, so get training!

11) Events on any world on any day​​ – Events on Zwift can now be hosted on any course in any world, regardless of the day. No matter what day is scheduled, you will be teleported to the event startline.

12) Cloud based sync​​ – Now when you create custom workouts in Zwift, you will be able to access these on any device. Simple.

All the info you need here at zwift.com

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