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No Surgery Needed for Tom Dumoulin after Tour de France Crash

On Monday Tom Dumoulin (NED) crashed out of the Tour de France on the third stage of racing, following a huge crash in the bunch. Since then, various examinations, including an MRI scan, have been performed and indicate that surgery will not be necessary.

Team physician Anko Boelens (NED) explained: “Tom had a shoulder luxation. The luxation caused a substantial impression fracture of the humeral head (this is called a Hill-Sachs lesion). The lesion also involved the greater tubercle. An MRI showed no other intra-articular damage. Because of the involvement of the greater tubercle, recovery will take more time than with a regular shoulder luxation. We expect full recovery in six weeks.”

Team coach Rudi Kemna (NED) added: “We hope for a quick, but more importantly, good recovery from the injury. Tom’s return to competition will depend on his progress, and we have to take it step-by-step and monitor what is realistic.”

Tour de France 2015 - stage 1

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