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ORICA-GreenEDGE Implements Recommendations of Nicki Vance Report

ORICA-GreenEDGE announced today that it will implement all of the recommendations of the Vance Report, which was commissioned to report on anti-doping best practice in cycling and the specific policies and practices of GreenEDGE Cycling. Following this review and its recommendations, Matt White has been appointed to the role as sports director.

General Manager Shayne Bannan said: “We asked Nicki Vance, a world-leading expert in anti-doping policy, to examine the policy and practices of the team to ensure that world’s best practice is being followed.

“It is imperative that we constantly improve and make decisions based on the best possible evaluations. The Vance Report concluded that ORICA-GreenEDGE is working on the right foundations, and I am pleased that all recommendations will be implemented in the few areas identified where the team’s commitment to anti-doping can be strengthened and improved. After all, the health of the team’s riders and the future of the sport is our number one priority.

“I am also delighted to welcome back Matt White to the team in the position of Sports Director. We have reviewed and will constantly continue to review our management, and it was clear that Matt White is the right person for the job. I am sure he again will be an invaluable part of our management and a true asset to the riders and the staff. His perspective on the sport and his commitment to make cycling better are both key elements to our success and our identity.

“Matt White’s appointment is consistent with the framework for treating past and future offences recommended in the Vance Report, and the team has gone further by making Matt White’s appointment subject to a 12 month probationary period. This is all part of a constant evaluation structure we are putting in place regarding our management. We are not only fully committed to using the report as a guideline for our team but would also like to continually use it as the best possible basis for our decision-making when approaching key elements of the sport.

“Cycling has changed for the better a long time ago, but there is still work to be done. We’re more than willing to share the responsibility with the other stakeholders in cycling and the implementation of the recommendations in the report is a big step forward. There are no simple solutions to complex issues, but with a common goal to move forward and continue the good work already being done, we’re able to live up to the expectations for a clean and exciting sport,” Bannan concluded.

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