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Pedalling in Winter

Feet will always be warm and dry with shoes from the Sidi Sport collection.

The body’s extremities, particularly the feet, are the most delicate and sensitive point for those “diehards” who pedal even in the face of the harsh winter climate.

There comes a time in the season when shoe covers can no longer provide protection from frigid temperatures. This is where Sidi comes in, offering a wide range of footwear studied specifically to take on cold and difficult weather conditions.

Sidi footwear becomes an ally against wind, rain, mud, and if necessary, even against snow and ice; indeed, it provides everything you need to pedal in maximum comfort without sacrificing performance quality.

The Sidi brand provides a truly wide choice of options against the cold. The already proven Hydro Gore and Mtb Diablo Gore models are water-repellent and breathable, thanks to their special Gore-Tex membrane. These two names remain at the top of the line for road riding and mountain biking respectively. Next to them, the new 2015 collection offers three new models. First is Avast Rain, for road cycling; then there’s the Mtb Breeze Rain, for off-roading. Both are incorporated with a rain membrane to keep feet warm and dry. We also find the Mtb Ghibli model (featuring an outdoor sole), the ideal solution for those who love experiencing sports and nature at 360°.

For more information visit our website: www.sidisport.com



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