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QM Sports Care to provide Tinkoff with full range of sports care products

Tinkoff is glad to announce its partnership with QM Sports Care, the Belgium-based producer of 100% natural sports care and injury products. In 2016, Tinkoff’s soigneurs will use some of the market’s best massage and recovery oils and creams to rub the rider muscles while the riders will benefit from a full range of anti-friction, pro-race chamois, energizing and foot creams as well as bath and shower gels.

Massage is a key and essential part of the daily routine of top professional cyclists, especially during stage races and training camps. After a day of grueling effort that takes its toll on the rider’s muscles, massages give the legs the best chance possible of being able to ride hard again the next day. As a result, the selection of the best oils and creams that the soigneurs will use to glide their hands on the muscles of the riders is of the utmost importance.

After a thorough selection process, Tinkoff found in QM Sports Care, the ideal partner that wouldn’t only provide the best, all-natural oils and creams but that would also be able to offer a wide range of products for the riders as well.

The entire line of QM Sports Care products is based on entirely natural ingredients, a fact the eliminates the risk of allergic reactions. All products are created entirely by hand and only the finest ingredients are selected: essential and absolute oils from flowers, seeds, fruit peel, roots, grasses, trees and leaves are combined with cold-pressed and organic macerated oils. Oils from organically grown plants are used wherever possible.


“We’re delighted to work with QM and its fantastic range of sports care products – massage and recovery oils, anti-friction creams, among many others”, commented Technical Director of Tinkoff. “All ingredients of QM products are 100% natural which are preventive against allergic reactions. Today the difference is made through small details and marginal gains combined together; QM makes part of that process.”

Commenting on the partnership, Johan Van Steendam, CEO of QM Sports Care stated, “Tinkoff is one of the world’s top cycling teams and that makes us, obviously, extremely happy to be trusted by them. I am pleased that great riders such as Alberto Contador, Peter Sagan and Rafal Majka, among others, will be treated with my creams and oils. Our goal is to be the best in our business, so it is only logical we associated ourselves with the best in the sport of cycling”.

Among the wide range of top-of-the-line products QM Sports Care will provide Tinkoff in 2016, the main ones are:

WARM EMBROCATION (warming lotion)
A mild pre-sports warming lotion for use in smooth weather conditions below 24°C or in wet conditions. It provides mild muscular heat with deep muscle penetration, while the skin stays cool! Created on the request of the top pro riders, who missed the sensational feeling of the Hot Embrocation in warm weather conditions in the stages of the Tour de France, having ‘stiff legs’ in the first hour and missing the break!

HOT EMBROCATION (warming lotion)
A Medium pre-sports balm, for cold and wet conditions. It provides medium muscular heat with deep muscle penetration. Made from 100% natural vegan cream base, with active essential oils as red pepper and capsicum. The peppermint keeps the skin cool, leaving the blood in the muscles below.

EXTRA HOT EMBROCATION (warming lotion)
A Hot pre-sports, for very cold and wet conditions. It provides high muscular heat with deep muscle penetration (highly concentrated). It is made from 100% natural vegan cream base, with the active ingredients being 100% essential oils of red pepper and wintergreen.

Ideal for treatment after competition or training, it is made from 100% essential oils from lavender, geranium and rosmarin, within cold-pressed sunflower, wheatgerm and vitamin E.

A cream on a 100% natural base with 100 % essential oils of tea tree and rosemary

A cream on a 100% natural base with 100 % essential oils of tea tree and rosemary. It protects the skin against all irritation and chafing.

A post sports massage cream, used to soothe, relax and revitalize the muscles after exercise. It includes ingredients such as cypress, rosemary, lavender and aniseed.



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