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RacerMate Establishes Replacement Parts Program for CompuTrainer Owners

Limited Time Offer

RacerMate Inc. announced its intention in early March to discontinue the production of its CompuTrainer electronic bicycle trainer when existing inventories are exhausted. Now CompuTrainer owners are asking whether replacement parts will be available to keep their CompuTrainers running. The answer is “YES”. RacerMate is introducing a Replacement Parts Program to protect CompuTrainer owners. The Program makes it possible to keep your CompuTrainer in good operating condition virtually indefinitely. It is common for CompuTrainers to run for 15 to 20 years. The proceeds from the sale of Agreements will fund the purchase and stocking of the replacement parts.

· The Individual Home User Membership – $100.00 Cost for 3 Years for a Home User Membership which entitles members to a 50% discount on all replacement parts.
(Note: Home User Membership has a unit limit of one Load Generator and/or one Handlebar Controller purchase per year, no limits on other parts.) If you need more units than this, you would need to purchase the Business Membership.

· The Business Membership – $200.00 Cost for 3 Years for a Business Membership which entitles members to a 50% discount on all replacement parts.
Business membership is for MultiRider centers or coaches operating multiple units.
(Note: Business Memberships have no limits on the number of parts purchased annually.)

· Orders for Membership must be placed online no later than May 31, 2017.

· Members who buy CompuTrainer Replacement Parts online at www.racermateinc.com will enjoy a 50% discount off the listed price on the CompuTrainer Basic Replacement Parts.
(Orders MUST be placed online in order to receive the 50% discount)

· Memberships are renewable.

RacerMate continues to stand by its customers as it always has. As a company, RacerMate is continuing to manufacture the Velotron electronic bicycle ergometer. Velotron is widely used by universities around the world in sports science research. Over 800 research studies have been published during the past 10 years based on Velotron data. In sports science, Velotron sets the standard.

(*Due to a software problem, the Price on the order page is not the fully discounted price. Final Member price WILL show on the shopping cart. We are working with the app designer on correcting this issue. Until then, we appreciate your patience.*)


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