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Rapha: Crit Collection

Race-ready performance for the fastest circuits.
Rapha has brought its years of experience creating race-ready kit to the fast and frenetic world of criterium racing. Incorporating reflective logos for night races, specially designed see-through pockets for race numbers, and a sleek, minimal design for speed, the Crit Collection has been designed for the specific needs of circuit racing.

Consisting of an Aerosuit, Jersey, Flyweight Jersey, Pro Team Bib Shorts, and Women’s Flyweight Jersey, the collection features an iridescent fabric dyed to resemble an oil slick.

Race-Ready Features
The Crit Aerosuit and Jersey feature three rear pockets overlaid with a layer of transparent mesh. A small opening allows you to slide your race number beneath the outer mesh layer, where it will still be visible, or pin it to the suit without damaging it.

The Pro Team Crit Bib Shorts and Crit Aerosuit are cut longer in the leg and the redesigned Pro Team Bibs have been constructed with just a single seam in the shorts to streamline airflow for aerodynamic advantage. The Flyweight Jerseys in Men’s and Women’s Versions are made for maximum ventilation for racing in hot conditions, and have been designed in the same eye- catching iridescent oil slick pattern.

RRP PRO TEAM CRIT BIB SHORTS G B P170 / A U D 295 / C A D 315 / C H F 225 / D K K 1650 / EUR200 / HKD1550 JPY27500 / KRW27500 / NOK2250 / SEK2050 / TWD6700 / USD235

RRP FLYWEIGHT CRIT JERSEY G B P 100 / A U D 175 / C A D 185 / C H F135 /DKK950 / EUR120 / HKD 910 / JPY17000 / KRW170000 / NOK1350 / SEK1200 / TWD4100 / USD135

RRP CRIT AEROSUIT G B P 230 / A U D 395 / C A D 430 / C H F 310 / D K K 2250 / EUR270 / HKD2100 /JPY38000 / KRW380000 / NOK3100 / SEK2800 / TWD9100 / USD315

RRP PRO TEAM CRIT JERSEY G B P 120 / A U D 210 / C A D 225 / C H F 160 / DKK1100 / EUR145 / HKD1090 / JPY20000 / KRW200000 / NOK1600 / SEK1450 / TWD4600 / USD165

RRP WOMEN’S FLYWEIGHT CRIT JERSEY G B P 100 / A U D 175 / C A D 185 / C H F 135 / DKK950 / EUR120 / HKD910/ JPY17000 / KRW170000 / NOK1350 / SEK1250 / TWD4100 / USD135

For more info go to the Rapha website: www.rapha.cc/crit-collection/

About Rapha
Rapha was established in 2004 to address a need for stylish, high performance cycling clothing. It now provides products for every road cyclist and continues to push the boundaries of innovation in cyclewear. Alongside this, Rapha has cultivated a global community of passionate cyclists who come together as members of the Rapha Cycling Club (RCC), the largest club of its kind in the world. Rapha’s direct to consumer model and unique brand values come to life in its travel offering and in the global network of Clubhouses that combine retail, a cafe and cycling culture under the same roof.

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