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Rapha: New Women’s Chamois

Three years in the making, all with a single goal: to make our women’s bib shorts the most comfortable in the world.

The new Rapha range of women’s bib shorts features a completely reconstructed chamois, making them the most comfortable available, no matter how far or where you ride.

The overhauled women’s chamois range has been three years in development. We’ve drawn on
feedback from 38 wear testers, from professional racers to commuters, who together have ridden more than 15,000km. Initial design and subsequent development of the chamois pad was led by the female riders at Rapha HQ. Early prototypes then underwent exhaustive mapping tests to ensure optimal distribution of pressure.

We’ve created three new styles of women’s bib shorts – the Souplesse Detachable Bib Shorts, the
Women’s Cargo Bib Shorts, and the Women’s Core Cargo Shorts – each incorporating multi-thickness
pads which come in two sizes, depending on size of shorts and style of riding. Antibacterial treatment ensures long-lasting next-to-skin comfort, seamless construction eliminates chafing and a pre-molded shape provides optimal support. The foam we use is dual-density, with softer foam to take pressure off at the front, while firmer foam supports the sit bones.

“Throughout this three-year project the sole aim was to improve the riding experience for all women, focusing on the very heart of every pair of bib shorts. Through five rounds of wear testing, ridden by 38 women for more than more than 15,000km we did not just evolve the concept of the women’s chamois, we defined it.” Maria Olsson, Design Manager, Rapha Racing.

Our fastest bib shorts

Designed for high-tempo riding and racing, Souplesse Detachable Bib Shorts have been tested on the professional circuit by the CANYON//SRAM team.

Our 2019 version features two notable revisions, a redesigned women’s chamois and revolutionary self-centering magnetic clasp, which allows bibs to be removed speedily and tactfully when a comfort break is required, solving a perennial problem with women’s cycle shorts. The clasp is located at the bottom of the mesh upper section and can be released with one hand without the need to remove a jersey.

The all-new chamois used in the Souplesse Detachable Bibs uses a thin layer of high-density foam, which provides the ideal combination of comfort and performance. Meanwhile, the fabric of the shorts is softer, balancing compression and comfort. Minimal seam construction avoids fabric bunching at the hip while low-profile leg grippers hold the shorts in position. Bonded seams minimize chafing.

DETACHABLE: Uppers can be detached from the shorts using one hand and without removing your jersey.
PRO TEAM CHAMOIS: Fully molded, seamless construction designed for comfort at speed.
NO SEAMS: Minimal seam construction shaped for your fastest rides.
LEG GRIPPERS: Lightweight and low-profile grippers keep bibs in place without pinching.
SUPERIOR FIT: Supportive fit with high-stretch, fast-drying uppers.

Price: $270.

Made for the adventure

The Cargo Bib Shorts ushered in a fresh outlook on how we dress for a ride. By putting pockets on the shorts, accessories normally carried in a jersey can be transferred, leaving you with the freedom to opt for a more airy top for long-distance rides without overloaded pockets.

Rapha Cargo Bib Shorts went through rigorous testing in tough riding conditions. The lightweight construction is suitable for use in temperatures as high as 30°C and they feature a version of our Shadow fabric, which is wind and water resistant, and incredibly quick drying.

Now Cargo Bib Shorts are available in a women’s cut and feature a quick-drying Brevet version of Rapha’s all-new women’s chamois, created to provide maximum comfort for women and tested for comfort over long- distances. They also use the same comfortable upper as the Women’s Brevet Bib Shorts.

POCKETS: Secure mesh pockets on the legs and back.
SHADOW: Lightweight version of Rapha’s Shadow fabric protects against weather.
UPPERS: Highly breathable mesh uppers for a secure fit and support.
QUICK-DRY: Wash and dry overnight for multi-day use.

Price: $270.

More information at: www.rapha.cc/new-womens-chamois

About Rapha
Rapha was established in 2004 to address a need for stylish, high performance cycling clothing. It now provides products for every cyclist and continues to push the boundaries of innovation in cycle wear. Alongside this, Rapha has cultivated a global community of passionate riders who come together as members of the Rapha Cycling Club (RCC), the largest club of its kind in the world. Rapha’s retail model and unique brand values come to life in its many rides and events and global network of Clubhouses that combine retail, cafés and cycling culture all under the same roof.

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