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Reading 120 And Thompson Criterium Will Be Live Streamed

Promoter Aims To Create Live Stream Standards For Cycling

Sparta Cycling Inc. has announced two days of live streaming for this weekend’s professional bicycle races in Reading and Doylestown, Pennslyvania.

Saturday’s Reading 120 and Sunday’s Thompson Criterium of Doylestown will feature television motorcycles and fixed cameras using the latest in cellular technology to showcase the action.

Live streaming sources for both days can be found at usporttv.wpengine.com.

“Live streaming is clearly the future for cycling,” said Sparta Cycling Inc. President John Eustice. “The professional racing circuit in the United States has served as the worldwide laboratory for its development.”

The Reading 120 will feature two TV motorcycles and four fixed-position cameras. The Thompson Criterium will feature five fixed cameras and one TV moto. Sunday’s moto images, in particular, will create a rare, close-up view of the intensity of criterium racing, Eustice said.

“We have brought in the very best moto-cam team in the U.S.,” Eustice said. “Dave Taylor will be driving Dale Wong and the combination of their extensive experience, combined artistry and the magnificent beauty of the race will set a road racing standard in live streaming.”

Eustice, the USPRO national criterium champion in 1982 and 1983, has been at the forefront of the evolution of televised cycling for decades.

“In 1992, I went with ESPN and ABC Sports to cover the Tour de France,” he said. “There, we created the first same-day coverage of the race for the American audience – something that was considered a major innovation of the day.”

Eustice worked with ESPN through 2000 and spent the next 15 years as an analyst and developer of televised races. He credits producers Kent Gordis and Gene Dixon for pushing new technology forward for the sport.

“Gene Dixon in particular, with Sport Stream Media company, has been honing his system for years through his USA CRITS Series,” Eustice said. “He is constantly experimenting with integrating innovative timing and new technologies with video images and fast racing.

“There has been a lot of talk about how to ‘fix cycling.’ But the answer is simple: build the American racing circuit and use our inherent creativity to make the best, most exciting races in the world.”

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