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Recon Instruments Brings ANT+ Power to Jet Smart Eyewear

Athletes now empowered with full suite of key performance metrics delivered distraction-free
Recon Instruments, an Intel company, today added support for ANT+ power meters to its Recon Jet smart eyewear. Jet’s suite of core performance metrics is now complete, enabling athletes to train with more precision, less distraction, and greater focus than ever.

When connected to an ANT+ power meter, Recon Jet delivers real-time power data on a display that sits below the athlete’s right eye, just outside their field of vision, yet is easily accessible with a quick glance. Power data, expressed in watts, quantifies precisely how much energy the athlete is applying. Unlike a bike computer or a smartwatch, Recon Jet allows athletes to view this data without taking their eyes off the road or modifying their riding position.


“Structured training sessions—involving intervals and set pieces—are critically important to the performance riders I work with,” said Andrea Morelli, technical sports and cycling coach at the Sport Service Mapei applied research center in Varese, Italy. “Those sessions require riders to hit the right numbers with excellent technique and mental focus. Many of my riders check their power readings every three to five seconds to stay in the right zone. This is essential, but it’s also enormously distracting when the readings are down on the bike stem. Thanks to Jet, riders can now view power data without distractions and without modifying their body position. This, I think, is going to revolutionize structured training.”


“Structured training is all about being able to execute on the game plan,” said IRONMAN® champion Andrew Starykowicz. “Power, heart rate, and cadence are the key numbers I watch, and power is the most critical. Staying completely focused on the road is hugely important, but that’s something you just can’t do with smartwatches and bike computers. Jet is unique in that it gives you vital data in real time without breaking the flow. Now that it supports power, Jet is going to be an even more integral part of my training.”


Recon is delivering support for ANT+ power meters through a free software update for Recon Jet. Once updated, Recon Jet can be configured to display ANT+ power data in one of six different modes, including Instant, 3 second, 10 second, 30 second, Max, and Average. Additional modes are coming soon. Power readings can be displayed alongside Jet’s other supported metrics, such as heart rate, speed, cadence, pace, grade, elevation gain, calories burned, distance, and duration. Users can choose how these metrics are arranged across up to six individual dashboards by managing their Jet on Recon’s Engage website.

For a full list of ANT+ power meters supported by Recon Jet, visit this page.


About Recon Instruments
Recon Instruments, an Intel company, was founded in 2008 and is the world leader in smart eyewear technology for sports and high-intensity environments. Recon’s award-winning technology is backed by an extensive patent portfolio and integrates high-contrast displays with state-of-the-art computing platforms and sensor suites. Recon’s smart eyewear technology features an Android-based operating system with an open SDK, empowering developers to create apps for an endless variety of sports and activities. Recon continues to define the smart eyewear category and is dedicated to improving athletic performance and participation in sports. For more information, visit www.reconinstruments.com

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