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Regular finishers and retired #50, fidelity is not a joke at GF Gimondi

Almost twenty years have passed since the Granfondo bearing the name of Felice Gimondi is born, throughout 17 editions making cycling community endeared to a very successful event from the start.

2014 Granfondo Gimondi – Bianchi, to be held in Bergamo on Sunday, May 4th, highlights odd and significant facts and figures in the list of honour, consisting of 48 riders – so called “I puntuali”, the regular finishers, by G.M. Sport organizers – who accomplished all Gimondi race editions so far.

These riders never missed the date, in spite of rain or bad weather if any, covering the whole route just to show their remarkable fidelity to the event. 31 of them have already entered the 18th edition.

Granfondo Gimondi – Bianchi always nurtured an emotional relationship with cycling fans, with no exception of those passed away, as shown by the story of Davide Fardelli, a GF Gimondi’s friend untimely died in August 2004, due to a tragic accident, thereby leading organizers to commemorate him with forever retirement of #50 back-number worn at his last appearance.

Davide was a business-man loving bike like nothing else, whose great passion allowed many victories until destiny wanted to stop his life, nevertheless Bergamo’s event still preserves memory of him ten years later as one of its most devoted.

With just one month to go, 18th Granfondo Gimondi – Bianchi’s registrations are still in progress meantime, and can be filled through the online application by credit card on official website www.felicegimondi.it, otherwise by bank transfer, postal bulletin or directly to the organization headquarter in Bergamo (Via G. Da Campione, 24/c).

For more information: [email protected].

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