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Rest Day Alberto Contador

“For me it’s not important to finish second or tenth.”

Alberto Contador, after heading out for some training with Saxo-Tinkoff team mates during an hour and a half, spoke to the media at a press conference in which he stressed that it will continue fighting in the race because for him “it’s not important to finish second or tenth”. The first question concerned the performance of Froome in the Tour and if
he had confidence in his results. Alberto’s answer was very clear. “First, I say I’ll let you two questions about doping and no more. If not, I go to my room to rest peacefully, because I still expected a tough week in the Tour. As about Froome, why should I doubt about him. Is a professional with a very high level throughout the year and this is the fruit of his work. There are times when you are stronger and others, less. Now he is at a high level and I think he does it cleanly and in any case, that’s what controls are”.

-The last week of the Tour is the hardest, everyone looks at potential agitators of the race and especially to you. Is it true that you do not mind losing the second position?

-My goal is to win, but it is true that the leader is at a level above the rest and face to face you can’t beat him, but we expect a very demanding last week, with more tactical options because there are chained climbs and for me it’s not important to finish second or tenth.

-At the beginning of the Tour I asked if this race had a stage like Fuente Dé in the last Tour of Spain and you said you hoped not to have to use that option. Have you chose some stage or it will be the result of

-Yes, there is a stage where I want to see what happens and can be a good day to try to take my chance. The rest will be based on the race, but if I see an opportunity I’ll take it, I’ll try. There is an important stage and within a week I could say what it is.

-The conformist strategy of other riders who think more on the podium, may be a prejudice for you?

-I do not know what ambitions has everyone, but there is a rider that particularly can play a good role, Quintana, we’ll see if we can benefit from any situation thanks to him and for the rest, maybe in some stages their behavior that can help to control the race.

– What do you think about Roman Kreuziger and his performance in the Tour?

-Roman is being a very important rider to me, as in Ax 3 Domaines stage. He is at a high level, well positioned overall and is a card we have for the last week and we must play it”.

– What are the differences between the situation that was in the second rest day of the last Tour of Spain and that you have now?

-There are two important differences, one, that the leader is further away and that makes more difficult any strategy, and the other is that face to face he has always been stronger, while in the Vuelta we were matched.

-It seems that this year you are a little more relaxed and more mature, you look a little different rider, have you changed in some way?

-It is true that year after year you evolve and perhaps I’m calmer than some years ago. This season I have to analyze everything, we have seen how Sky run and analyzed our movements based on that. So maybe I’m running calmer in important stages. It is something that depends on the opponents and how the ride, but also because the years, they give you a different perspective and some tranquility.

Thanks to Jacinto Vidarte.

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