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Road to Tour de Pologne: Let’s Check Out the Wild Cards

Team Novo Nordisk, cycling and much more… Read the interview with the rider Martijn Verschoor.

Team Novo Nordisk is one of the 4 Professional-Continental squadrons that received a Wild Card invitation for the 2017 Tour de Pologne – UCI World Tour scheduled from July 29th until August 4th. The American made team is not all about cycling exclusively; their ranks are made up of athletes representing 8 countries who are all affected with diabetes. Team Novo Nordisk is the first team in the world formed by professional athletes with diabetes. The team’s mission is not only to win but to encourage people with diabetes and demonstrate how living with this disease doesn’t have to interfere with pursuing personal goals and individual dreams. This is the reason that the athletes from Team Novo Nordisk meet with thousands of people every year, to convey this message of hope. Through their victories and feats on the road, they want to encourage those in need and give them new inspiration and motivation.


“We decided to invite the team again for the 2017 edition because last year they greatly honoured their participation, proving to be a high level team worthy of a World Tour race. Furthermore, these riders carry an important message which deserves to be spread through sports and cycling all over the world as well as here in Poland,” explains the General Director for the Tour de Pologne Czeslaw Lang.

Following is an interview with a veteran rider with Team Novo Nordisk, classics rider and sprinter Martijn Verschoor from Netherland. Probably he will be one of the riders selected for the Tour de Pologne.


How do you like the route of Tour de Pologne?
The Tour de Pologne is a World Tour race with some of the best cycling competition of the season. The mountain stages will be hard days because of the elevation and climbing, and the whole week will be a great challenge for the peloton.

How we can compare Tour de Pologne and other big tour where your team are riding very often?
The stages at the Tour de Pologne are longer and harder than almost anywhere we race all year, and it’s a big peloton with more than 200 riders. With the changing summer weather conditions in the mountains every day is a hard race to the finish, and the Tour de Pologne is one of the biggest races of the year for Team Novo Nordisk.

How that start and wild-card is important for your team?
A wild card invitation for the Tour de Pologne is a great honor and privilege for Team Novo Nordisk, and it’s proof that our team can race at this high level. We show the world what is possible when we line up for the start at the Tour de Pologne and every day is a chance to inspire, educate and empower the diabetes community.

What is your goal for that race?
We come with a very diverse squad, with riders who will be in the Top-10 hunt for the sprints, riders who can climb up at the finish in the high mountains, and strong riders who can get into the breakaway for the big days across Poland.

How do you like atmosphere of TdP and Polish fans?
The Tour de Pologne is a great race with a terrific atmosphere of support and interest from the fans, the finish comes every day in a big city center, on a circuit for the fans who come out to enjoy cycling. The crowds are always big, and it’s always a thrill for Team Novo Nordisk to meet friends and colleagues from the diabetes community who organize and come out to visit us at the start and finish every day.

Is there anything what you would like to take from Polish race to competition in your country?
A high-level race in August is an excellent competition for Team Novo Nordisk, and the warmth and hospitality at the Tour de Pologne is a great welcome for us and all of the peloton. When we leave Poland it is always with a happy feeling that stays with us for the rest of the season.

Just a reminder that the 4 wild card spots for the 2017 Tour de Pologne have been assigned to: Team Novo Nordisk (USA), Gazprom RusVelo (Russia), CCC Sprandi Polkowice (Poland) and Reprezentacja Polski (the Polish national team).

Martijn Verschoor Bio & Results:


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