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Rolf Prima Announces the Release of Astral cycling

Astral is powered by the same all-star team you know from Rolf Prima. Over the last 20 years making Rolf Prima wheel systems, we’ve found there to be a lot of inherent benefits with paired spokes, but we know not everyone wants a pre-built wheel system and some prefer to build it their own way. We’ve already done the legwork to produce great rims and now we’re making those rims available for all builds.

In 2014 we began manufacturing alloy rims in our Eugene, Oregon facility — becoming one of the only in the US to do so. We added carbon capabilities in 2016. Using the engineering, testing, and manufacturing resources of Rolf Prima, we are expanding into rims for traditional, non-paired lacing.

Now you can build the wheel you want, your way, with rims that you know are made by a team that knows wheels and wheel building.

Why Ride Astral?

Because you love cycling as much as we do.

Because you want equipment you can count on.

Because we test our rims beyond industry standards.

Because you deserve the best.

Really — we know your type, we’re pretty picky too.

More info on Astral Cycling on their website HERE.

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