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Roman Maikin injury update

RusVelo’s No1 sprinter aims for speedy recovery
RusVelo team’s assigned sprinter Roman Maikin found himself caught in a mass high-speed pileup midway through the 1st stage of the 2.2 Five Rings of Moscow and had to immediately quit the race because of a swollen knee and a sharp pain in the chest. X-ray made in a hospital confirmed the team doctor’s suspicion of a broken rib.


Roman Maikin said:

“Of course I’m bitterly disappointed, I’ve brought back a good turn of speed from the Tour of Croatia, I had very good feelings and the team expected a lot of me in this race in Moscow. It was the worst possible moment to get injured because of careless riding of some of the guys in the peloton. There’s no good crying over the spilt milk though, so I’ll do my best to get out of this situation with minimum loss. The doctors give me about a month for a complete recovery; the injuries won’t take any special cure, I’ll just have to take it easy for a while and take painkillers if need be. My racing calendar in June is packed with important events and I can’t afford any decline of form.
I was expected to peak for the Baloise Belgium Tour, and I’ll be there no matter what. I won’t be able to ride on the road for a week at least, but I’ll put myself on a home trainer one of these days to save as much as possible of a good leg. In three days I’m flying to Armenia for a high-altitude training camp, I can’t imagine canceling it, but the program would naturally be changed. There is no dislocation in the crack, so I hope it will heal soon”.


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