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RPM – Revolutionize your style – 2nd Episode

RPM pads: pedalling has never been so pleasant

“Revolutionize your style”: the journey into the world of RPM continues. In this new blog a theme close to many cyclists’ hearts has been expanded, whether they’re pros or simple fans: the quality of pads.

There are three parts of the body in direct contact with the bike: hands, feet and the perianal area. Without a doubt this last part is the most delicate and needs special attention.


RPM pads have been taken to the next level, striving to improve CAPACITY, which determines the power of shock absorption and elastic memory over time. DENSITY is also considered; that is, the value of the foam weight per m³. Been worked carefully, the entire cutting process eliminates any excess parts on the pad in order to provide maximum comfort and make bike riding more comfortable and performing. RPM customers can also choose from a wide range of pads with different characteristics for every need:

– men/women: different anatomical shapes
– cycling/triathlon: the foam on the Triathlon pad has MORE netting, for faster drying
– short/long distances: RPM pads are designed to guarantee the highest performances, whether to athletes who need to go long distance or simple enthusiasts.

Check out all the technical specs for RPM pads at: https://www.rpm-cycling.com/pads


Throughout its history, RPM has strived to meet the individual needs of our clients. This is why the athletes are given a chance to personalize their own pads, like, for example, inserting their team name. A complex operation service provided aims to reaffirm the devoted care and dedication to everyone who wants to share their passion with the company. RPM also guarantees highly professional service when it comes to substituting each individual pad as quickly as possible to provide the peace of mind that comes with pedalling using our top-of-the-line products:

To check out RPM cycling shorts and bib shorts contact the factory via website: www.rpm-cycling.com

If you would like to read the first blog, which delves into the selection of RPM materials and fabrics, click here: https://www.rpm-cycling.com/news/2015/11/18/rpm—revolutionize-your-style—1st-episode

RPM PADS: pedalling has never been better.


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