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RPM – Revolutionize your Style – Episode 4

FIT: when clothing feels right

The various episodes of the Brand Story called “Revolutionize your Style” were created to take our clients inside the world of RPM, to share our company ideas and express the main motivation driving the choices of how technical sports products are produced. In the latest episode, we reveal one of RPM’s basic values: FIT. Ever since we started, we’ve held the conviction that when choosing what clothing to buy, the details and the unique feeling of wearing a garment that feels like it was made specifically for you were always essential. This belief has been confirmed by the experience we’ve gained throughout the years. The pleasure of being able to say “I feel like this item belongs to me” has a remarkable effect. Nowadays emotion has a lot to do with our purchasing choices, and FIT has become increasingly important: it’s the least noticeable aspect of a garment that is felt the most. So what are the technical details that RPM focuses on and how is a new model developed?


The world of sportswear and of cycling in general move very fast, so it’s important to know how to listen and interpret client feedback. Throughout the years RPM has been working consistently to enhance the intrinsic aspects of their clothing. RPM products have lots of distinctive elements, like elastic in microfiber that doesn’t leave marks on skin, tailor styled positioning of stitches on our shorts to avoid chafing while pedaling; plus, we decided to eliminate suspenders from our bodysuits to increase mobility while riding. However, RPM didn’t settle on just increasing the performance of our products; we also came up with 3 different lines to meet the demands of all sports fans, who can now opt for:

60 RPM: the line designed for comfort, perfect for enthusiasts who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to their two-wheel hobby.

90 RPM: The line designed for passion, ideal for riders who love hitting the road regularly with friends for some friendly competition.

110 RPM: the top line for competitive cycling. For those who make a living cycling at top levels and are striving for new, exciting challenges.


The most important aspect that differentiates the products from the 3 lines is the anatomical cut, which is softer in the 60 and more aggressive and performing in the 110. With these three choices, it is easier to determine the perfect garment for everyone. Discover the RPM products that will fit you to a tee: pedalling will become much more fun.




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