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RPM: The Brand that is Revolutionizing Style

Tailor-made technical clothing for athletes

Two years ago, at the base of the Montello, an innovative technical sports apparel start-up was founded.

This new company’s brand, RPM, entered the market specializing in the development and production of products for three different sports: cycling, triathlon and running. From the very beginning, the company resolved to use only the highest-quality fabrics and materials and to manage all the stages of production directly in the Montebelluna area where the company is based, for a product that is 100 percent made in Italy.

Cycling is undoubtedly RPM’S main sector, due to the same meaning of the brand (Revolution per Minute), which recalls the two-wheel world. Taking advantage of the brand meaning, were developed three clothing brands able to meet the needs of every type of rider: 60 rpm, the comfort line; 90 rpm, the passion line; and 110 rpm, the competitive line.

All RPM products are made with the best fabrics and materials. The difference between the three lines lies primarily in the fit: looser for the 60 and 90, more close-fitting for the 110.


RPM is not only a brand but also a real lifestyle. Extensive experience in the sector has enabled the owners to design and develop products that can meet the individual needs of cyclists, not only professionals but also all those fans who love to ride wearing clothing that looks and feels like it was tailored specifically for them.

The philosophy of RPM is not only based on the development of performing products, but also comfortable and pleasant to wear.

RPM was created to meet the needs of its athlete customers, both in the choice of fabrics and materials and from a purely emotional perspective, with well-designed and attractive apparel.


RPM has decided to complement the direct production of its own clothing by offering teams the opportunity to customize their race apparel as desired. RPM allows any team to create its own custom kit. With the online configurator, users can have fun designing their team kit, drawing on a wide range of customization options, models and accessories.

For more information about the company, its products and the new RPM configurator, please visit www.rpm-cycling.com.


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