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RusVelo Bikes Stolen from the Team Base

Last night around 3.00 AM RusVelo team base in Lonato del Garda was subjected to robbery. Two unidentified male registered by video surveillance units broke into the warehouse through the roof and stole thirty bicycles, subsequently making off with them in a stolen camion. As soon as the consequences of the incident were discovered at 9.00 AM, the police started working on the scene of the crime.

RusVelo team manager Renat Khamidulin said:
“We are the fifth team this year which falls victim of an incident like that in the region of Lombardy only. It is more than evident that we are all facing a serious problem. Cycling teams start feeling besieged by professional criminals, and there is no reliable way to stave them off. There is no doubt that shortly the stolen Colnago bikes will pop up in online stores; it’s just the chain of events that has repeated itself a number of times. All we can do is to appeal to potential buyers – don’t be lured into purchasing these bikes! All the frames carry unique numbers, and feature an official paint scheme. Bicycles like these have never been in any sore’s supplies, their use is limited to the team’s activity. We hope everybody is aware that while making a similar purchase he condones crime and acts as a compliance. We also hope for cycling solidarity. The team can only wish that our colleagues would never suffer an incident of this kind. Let me assure the fans of RusVelo that last night’s events will not disrupt training and racing; we have excellent, reliable partners and we thank them for helping us with creating a sufficient supply of spare bikes. Our activity will go ahead as planned”.



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