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Rusvelo team in the Tour of Costa Rica

Later today, team Rusvelo will take its debut in the Tour of Costa Rica. The 49th edition of the race looks as hard as ever, 12 stages, multiple climbs and 2 time trials. Its rather unusual position in the racing calendar that, from a European’s point of view, makes it hard at first to determine which season it actually belongs to is a real blessing in disguise for a formation from the old continent aiming to insert into its schedule some hard racing with quality training in mind. Naturally, the part of Rusvelo which races endurance events on the track and aims high in the UCI Track World championships in March looks for a means to gradually boost their form much earlier than the riders who intend to peak in the summer. The combination of factors like long distance at race pace, high altitude and a lot of work focused on strength will hopefully bring some fruit to reap already during the second World Cup visit to Mexico in January.

Alexey Markov, Rusvelo DS: “We are not chasing general classification here, but it won’t be a weekend ride for the guys either. We hope to fight for a stage in Costa Rica. Strategically speaking, the race is ideally positioned for the team to accumulate a good amount of quality racing kilometers and then to use them as a basis for special hard training aimed at peaking for the UCI Track World Championships which will also be held in Latin America.”

The Rusvelo lineup for the Tour of Costa Rica:
Artur Ershov, Sergey Klimov, Ivan Kovalev, Evgeny Kovalev, Leonid Krasnov, Alexander Serov.

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