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Samsung to Display CycleOps VirtualTraining in 3D

Samsung to Display CycleOps VirtualTraining on Samsung Gear VR at 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

WHO: CycleOps is excited to announce Samsung has selected the CycleOps VirtualTraining software to be displayed in the Samsung Gear VR exclusively at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

WHAT: The CycleOps VirtualTraining team has partnered with Samsung to integrate the user experience of CycleOps VirtualTraining with the Samsung Gear VR to immerse riders into the next level of realistic, 3D cycling. Visitors to the Samsung booth will get to fully experience the sites in the Czech Republic. For a look at the stereoscopic-ready video visit here.

The Samsung Gear VR is a new wearable virtual reality headset that lets individuals step inside their favorite games and virtual worlds. This immersive experience is possible thanks to state of the art stereoscopic viewing, a type of display that presents unique and parallel images for each eye. This the same way our eyes perceive images in the real world, so this innovate display creates a much more natural and comfortable experience. For more information about the Oculus Rift, their website is an excellent resource.

CycleOps VirtualTraining (CVT) lets cyclists experience the most realistic indoor bike training software on the market. CVT is the perfect way to bring a cycling enthusiast’s ride inside by using their bike, indoor trainer, and one of three ways to connect: speed sensor, cycling powermeter, or a controlled resistance trainer. CycleOps VirtualTraining allows users to choose from thousands of routes, or create their own with a GPS-enabled cycling computer and video camera, like the GoPro. CVT also offers users the capability to creating their own interval training session or race friends from around the World. Available on PC, iPad, Android tablets and smart phones, riders connect wirelessly with ANT+ or Bluetooth SMART technology so they can ride anywhere, anytime. Learn more about CycleOps VirtualTraining here.

WHEN: The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show runs from January 6th – 9th, 2015.

WHERE: The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show will take place in Las Vegas, NV. Samsung will have a booth to present the Samsung Gear VR with CycleOps VirtualTraining. Visit the booth to learn more.

ABOUT CYCLEOPS: Performance-driven products, innovative technology and a commitment to our customers has made CycleOps a leading name in the indoor cycling industry. For any goal-oriented cyclist, CycleOps eliminates barriers to success by bringing your ride inside from trainers to CycleOps VirtualTraining software. Find out more about CycleOps at www.cycleops.com

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