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SCICON Bags Launches Elan Saddle

Continuously challenging the norm, the team behind the brand lifts SCICON® to new heights, presenting its first racing saddle and extending a long-standing heritage of the brand – the Scicon Elan saddle.


Ever since the brand’s inception in 1980 by founder Luciano Fantin, SCICON® has built a name for itself in creating innovative and expertly designed products for the discerning cyclist.


Based in the centre of Italian cycling, the team around the SCICON® brand is very well connected and has access to advice from leading industry experts, as well as sports scientists and a network of professional athletes that keep challenging SCICON® every single day to never stop innovating. SCICON® just happens to make great cycling products and is proud to present a new category today, with its new SCICON® ELAN saddle featuring an innovative Power Ergo Design to take ride comfort and performance to the next level.


SCICON® is a division of the rapidly growing ASG Group, a global player in the sporting goods industry, offering the SCICON® team access to knowledge from other divisions in the group such as ASG Bike Science, a professional bike fitting service improving bike positioning, performance and comfort for both amateur and professional cyclists from all disciplines.

Together with ASG Bike Science’s professional sport science and biomechanics team, and Luca E. Girardi, an independent industry consultant who carries a wealth of history in saddle making, the SCICON® team developed a product for cyclists who need a lightweight saddle with no compromise on ride comfort.

Niklas Quetri, ASG Bike Science head scientist, explains more about the science behind the saddle. “The SCICON® ELAN saddle was originally developed to reduce pressure on the body on longer rides in a more aggressive or aerodynamic position on a road bike, while providing ride comfort in a more relaxed position. Riding position up steep climbs on a mountain bike is similar to a forward leaning riding position on a road bike, maintaining pressure and traction on the front wheel. Our short nose saddle design allows for hip rotation, making it the perfect saddle for both riding disciplines, road and mountain bike.”

“Combine the innovative approach of Luca E. Girardi with field research from ASG Bike Science and an industry-leading brand with heritage and you create a formidable team looking to maximise the performance of bicycle components,” adds Claudio Fantin, Marketing Strategist of the ASG group.

PEZCycling reviewed the SCICON Rain race bag in this video:

Leading the product’s development, Luca E. Girardi explains his innovative approach. “With over 20 years of experience in developing cycling saddles and collaborating with engineers and medical advisors from Universities in search of the perfect saddle shape, I felt a new approach was required to develop a saddle that improves performance and guarantees complete ride comfort. In an industry first, we carried out research in the field together with sports scientists and bike fitting experts, creating multiple real life scenarios with amateurs and professional cyclists across different cycling disciplines to get direct insight into body ergonomics, with the goal to create a saddle that is ride proven and that really makes a difference. This new approach led to the development of the innovative Power Ergo Design feature and Compression Control – an intuitive system to verify the saddle’s ergonomic advantages.”

Slightly shorter and wider than the average racing saddle, the SCICON ELAN has a short-nose and ergonomic design with a wider seat area, following a lightly waved seat profile. Minimising the seating surface, combined with a short nose design and central cut out to remove pressure from soft tissue, the ELAN saddle allows for sufficient hip rotation as well as increased blood flow to improve ride comfort in all riding positions for long days in the saddle.

The carbon fiber reinforced polymer shell built onto two unidirectional braided carbon fiber rails, combined with the Power Ergo Design for a comfortable yet high performance ride, weighs in at just 199 grams in a one size fits all saddle measuring 148mm by 248mm for €199 / £180 / $229 / A$ 299 / C$ 299/ ZAR 3.299

To commemorate the launch of the SCICON ELAN saddle, a special edition package will be available exclusively online on www.sciconbags.com. The limited edition will be numbered and contain a specially designed Elan 210 saddle bag kit with inner tube, patch kit, tyre levers, adapter for CO2 cartridge and owners card. The limited edition package is available for purchase for €249 / £219 / $299.

For more information, please visit sciconbags.com/elan-saddle

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