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Selle Royal: Scientia Saddle is the Key to Comfort

Selle Royal Scientia saddle fitting improves leisure riders’ experience on Girolibero Bike and Boat holidays.

Selle Royal worked with partner Girolibero to undertake customer research into the Scientia fitting service, saddle comfort and the behavior of leisure cyclists.

They set up a Scientia fitting area in one of the most popular vessels, the Ave Maria, a comfortable river cruise vessel that hosts more than 1,000 customers every year from all around the world, in order to let the riders upgrade the level of comfort during the holiday.

Selle Royal chose the Girolibero Bike and Boat holiday as it was the perfect platform to give customers the opportunity to use a tailored product to enjoy for the duration of their holiday. The extra level or service enabled the holiday makers to have an even more pleasurable stay.

A selection of Scientia saddles on Girolibero bikes

Monica Savio of Selle Royal said: “‘Pleasure’ is the keyword that both Selle Royal and Girolibero have in common, pleasure of comfort, and pleasure of a nice experience, the Scientia range is the perfect range for leisure cyclists to achieve this ultimate comfort”.

Giulio Vallortigara from Girolibero said: “Having the great range of saddles from Selle Royal enables us to tailor holidaymakers experience like never before, addressing one of the most common areas of customer feedback – comfort”.

Girolibero holidaymakers riding in the sun on Scientia saddles

In order to collect interesting suggestions to develop new products and customer service, Selle Royal and Girolibero decided to offer a free test to all 40 customers on the Ave Maria who were from the USA, Australia, Canada and Germany.

From the feedback they received, Selle Royal discovered that people choosing the Bike and Boat holidays tended to be new to cycling and often choose road bikes when riding at home. This meant they were used to a slightly different riding style compared to the ‘relaxed’ riding position during the Girolibero tour. The majority of people knew what their technical requirements on a bike were, and highlighted how important comfort was when riding, saying they could ride further and explore more when they had the correct, comfortable fit.

Lucina from Australia said: “This was my first cycling holiday, I normally ride once a week, usually on a road bike and I found the fitting service very useful”.

Jane from the USA said: “I found the Scientia measuring system really simple to follow, comfort is key when choosing a saddle”.

Margie from Australia said: “I cycle twice a week and really enjoy recreational cycling, this is my third cycling holiday and I find the cushioning in the saddle extremely comfortable”.

Kathy from Australia said: “I have been moving around on my saddle trying to find the right position for a while and found the Selle Royal shape really helped prevent the slipping on this holiday. I would definitely consider products created using scientific research as I have had problems with my back in the past”.

The Ave Maria boat – where the Scientia fitting took place

Girolibero runs self-guided or guided cycling vacations including bike tours throughout Europe and already offer 1,300 hire bikes fitted with Selle Royal saddles. The ‘Bike and Boat’ tour in Ave Maria offers holiday makers the chance to pedal by day to discover the natural and cultural wonders of Italy between Venice and Mantua.

To get fitted for your Scientia saddle, find your nearest dealer here

The nine Scientia saddles available

About Selle Royal
Selle Royal has been a world-leading bicycle saddle brand for over 50 years. Our history is one of continuous innovation built on research, technology, and advanced design. Selle Royal exports to more than 70 countries worldwide and is the choice of many important and prestigious bicycle manufacturers. Our saddles have won numerous design awards and are today the subject of scientific research in the bio-engineering laboratories of major European universities.

About Scientia
Scientia is a range of nine saddles, in different widths and profiles, mapped to correspond to male and female cyclists who ride in different positions – their spine angle being one major scientifically measured variable, another being their “ischial distance”, i.e. the measurements between the research group’s ‘sit bones’.

Scientia benefits from a host of advanced technical design features including a linear central channel indentation for comfort, an elevated rear plateau for position stability, and a radius-specific ‘Body Contour’ system for support, whatever the rider’s spine angle. There is also a revolutionary curved rear suspension section, and an intelligent application of comfortable, supportive 3D Gel throughout the Scientia range.

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