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Selle San Marco Launches The #MyPerfect Saddle Project

A social media guide to help customers choose the perfect saddle

The saddle is an increasingly important accessory for all cyclists. But what are the technical features that every enthusiast must know in order to acquire the seat best suited to their individual needs?

To answer this question, Selle San Marco decided to launch a new social media project called #MyPerfectSaddle.

The purpose of the series is to provide Selle San Marco followers with detailed information on the advantages of available models, keeping in mind differences between riders’ individual physical shape and customary riding terrain.

Selle San Marco will publish monthly informative posts on their Facebook page, @SelleSanMarco, highlighting the “Saddle Culture” and providing access to the online configurator called DiMa SELECTOR. In fact, users can select 4 different physical characteristics: GENDER (male, female), STRUCTURE (Endomorph, Mesomorph, Ectomorph), FLEXIBILITY (Low, Medium or High Flex) PELVIS (Antiverse, Retroverse). With selected parameters the configurator can identify the most suitable saddle models.

However, Selle San Marco has also thought of something for those customers who aren’t as tuned in to the social network sphere. In addition to the DiMa SELECTOR online configurator, the new idmatch Smart Calliper is available at all Selle San Marco dealers. This scientific instrument can identify the type and size of a suitable saddle in just 30 seconds, thanks to 3 simple anthropomorphic measurements: intertrochanteric distance, thigh diameter and hip rotation.

To follow Selle San Marco’s full social media campaign: #MyPerfectSaddle

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