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Selle San Marco Proposes the Aspide Supercomfort Model

The saddle featuring inimitable designs and exclusive performance.

Spring is right around the corner and thus for two wheel fans the cycling season is starting to get serious. Selle San Marco is making the most of the occasion to promote the ASPIDE SUPERCOMFORT, one of the most popular models at the moment. This saddle is available in two settings: ASPIDE SUPERCOMFORT RACING and ASPIDE SUPERCOMFORT DYNAMIC. Furthermore, this model is also available in two different widths: WIDE and NARROW.

ASPIDE SUPERCOMFORT is a saddle featuring a unique design and exclusive performance. Riders were immediately impressed with this new model, which was officially launched in the second half of 2017. They especially appreciated the perfect combination of comfort and lightness it has to offer.

ASPIDE SUPERCOMFORT can satisfy even the most demanding cyclists, and it won’t disappoint those who try it for the first time, either. This model is perfect for riders who spend less time on their bikes, no more than 2 hours per ride on average, as well as for riders who pedal for longer periods of time, even 5-6 hours. ASPIDE SUPERCOMFORT was developed with maximum attention to the aspects related to comfort: padding, the central opening and covering.

The padding in the RACING version features a layer of Biofoam and an extra layer of Gel. These are combined with different variables of thickness according to the area of support, in order to optimize the part that makes contact with the hip bones. The central opening (Open-Fit) has been completely redesigned to find the meeting point between maximum material drag and the optimized structural resistance of the frame. This particular design prevents wedging and therefore reduces pain to a cyclist’s most sensitive parts, an aspect which is particularly appealing to the women’s market as well. The RACING version is covered in Microfeel (a breathable material that is highly resistant to abrasion), which features additional micro-perforations to improve transpiration and keep contact surfaces dry.

A fundamental advantage of the ASPIDE SUPERCOMORT lays in its lightweight properties. The RACING version uses a STEALTH XSILITE frame. This material features a high percentage of silicon, combined with titanium and carbon to make it light and resistant, perfect in any type of weather. Its unique production process guarantees long lasting resistance to mechanical stress.

Instead, in the DYNAMIC version the saddle frame is in MANGANESE, a material that is highly resistant to wear and tear caused by vibrations.

In order to determine the best size of the ASPIDE SUPERCOMFORT (NARROW or WIDE) for each cyclist, Selle San Marco has provided its customers with an online measuring program called DIMA selector. The user can choose among 4 physical traits: GENDER (male, female) STRUCTURE (Endomorph, Mesomorph, Ectomorph), FLEXIBILITY (low, medium or high flex) PELVIS (anteverted, retroverted). After inputting these options the configurator can determine the most appropriate saddle models for each individual rider.

Furthermore, a new IDMATCH SMART CALIPER is available at all Selle San Marco retailers. With 3 simple anthropomorphic measurements, this scientific instrument can determine the type and size of the perfect saddle in just 30 seconds. It measures the inter-trochanter distance, the diameter of the thighs and the rotation of the pelvis.

ASPIDE SUPERCOMFORT is a saddle that can meet a wide range of demands for any type of rider, from professionals to amateurs. In fact, some athletes from Aqua Blue Sport, the Irish road cycling that Selle San Marco partners with, specifically requested that their bikes be equipped with this model. Its technical features make the ASPIDE SUPERCOMFORT especially useful in the “Cobblestone Classics”. On Wednesday, March 28, the riders from Team Aqua Blue Sport will compete in the Dwars door Vlaanderen, the Flemish race that traditionally anticipates the big date with the Ronde van Vlaanderen.

For more information on the various types of ASPIDE SUPERCOMFORT saddles:

ASPIDE SUPERCOMFORT RACING NARROW: sellesanmarco.it/negozio/collezione/aspide-supercomfort-racing-narrow/

ASPIDE SUPERCOMFORT RACING WIDE: sellesanmarco.it/negozio/collezione/aspide-supercomfort-racing-wide/

ASPIDE SUPERCOMFORT DYNAMIC NARROW: sellesanmarco.it/negozio/collezione/aspide-supercomfort-racing-narrow-copia/

ASPIDE SUPERCOMFORT DYNAMIC WIDE: sellesanmarco.it/negozio/collezione/aspide-supercomfort-dynamic-wide/

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