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We have received numerous warnings these last several days about web sites that are advertising Sidi products for sale on line at a deep discount. The Sidi Company is cautioning all consumers to look out for suspicious offers like these, which actually amount to nothing less than online fraud.

Sites like:
and others…are fake websites whose sole purpose is to scam customers!

The company declares that it was completely unaware of these sites, which are in no way authorized to use the Sidi name or brand, much less sell Sidi products. These sites are harmful to Sidi’s image and reputation; therefore the company will use the law to its full extent to prosecute these damaging violations in order to protect the rights of consumers.

Therefore, Sidi advises all our clients to exercise extreme caution when considering offers that may appear on websites and social media, and to carefully verify the validity of the source before proceeding with a purchase.

Remember that Sidi products are only available in the best bike shops or online exclusively through authorized websites. Make sure to verify before you buy!

For complaints or requests consumers can contact the official Sidi distributor for their country:

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