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Skelde end partnership with Christian Weyland – Cult support decision

After disrupting partnership with Christian Weyland, Christa Skelde takes over as team manager for Pro Continental Team, Cult Energy Pro Cycling. This is the natural decision after a series of disappointments where Weyland has failed to live up to the expectations.

“With immediate effect, we have decided to dismiss the partnership with Christian Weyland. He simply failed to fulfill our expectations as a trustful partner and this is undoubtedly the right choice for the team. As team owners we have certain values and obligations to run things professionally along with a sound amount of stability and we won’t compromise our integrity by continuing the partnership with Weyland. Once again, Cult are showing their fantastic support and passion for this project and they support our decision morally and economically until we find a co-sponsor”,

says new team manager, Christa Skelde.

Brian Sørensen, owner of Cult Energy states:

“You can’t measure the value, Cult Energy Pro Cycling has had for us in the past two years. Cult are now on top of the market in Denmark so obviously, we have a huge interest in making this project succeed. We have a special agreement with Skelde that goes beyond normal contract deals. We fully support their decision and we’re backing up financially until a co sponsor is found.”

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