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ZERO GORE and MTB FROST GORE are the perfect shoes for riding in winter.

When faced with the realities of winter, those who want to keep riding, whether for necessity or simply for passion, have to be ready. In order to properly protect yourself from cold and precipitation, it is absolutely essential to choose the right garments and accessories.

When it comes to feet, Sidi has come up with two shoe models, the ZERO GORE and the MTB FROST GORE, developed specifically to meet the needs of winter riders. With their mix of technology and cutting edge materials, these two shoe models guarantee remarkable thermal and waterproof features to keep feet warm and dry for long periods of time, even in the coldest situations. Uppers, internal lining, closures, insoles, soles…everything has been designed and developed to keep feet warm and dry and prevent cold and water from penetrating. These two models share designs and materials, but their two soles are different because they are intended for two different specific uses. ZERO GORE is devoted to on road cycling, while MTB FROST GORE is made for mountain biking. Look for them in the finest cycling stores…

Discover the entire 2018 Sidi collection: https://www.sidi.com/en/

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