What's Cool In Road Cycling

Supplement and Equipment Tips for Beginner Cyclists

Many people are looking to get outdoors this summer to get back in shape. Road cycling is a safe and beneficial way to accomplish this goal. Many cities are also starting to close off some roads to allow for people to use them for cycling, and with more people staying at home to work, the roads are less busy than ever.

You’ve probably already done your research for choosing the proper bike, clothes, and gear to get started, but there are other kinds of tools, equipment, and supplements that you might not know about. Here are some tips for beginner cyclists that will make your days on the road much better.

Performance and health supplements is a billion dollar industry, and don’t have nearly the same regulation as pharmaceuticals. While this inevitably leads to false claims for the effectiveness of some supplements, there are some that are genuinely helpful. Seasoned cyclists like to use something called energy gel. It’s a simple performance supplement for athletes to help them maintain energy levels for their muscles. As you work your muscles, it depletes glucose. Most energy gel packs use simple sugar or pure maple syrup to deliver glucose to your system to increase your energy levels.

Another supplement that can help improve performance and recovery are anti-inflammatory supplements. The longer you cycle, the more your muscles and joints become worn and inflamed. This can restrict your range of movement, and lead to soreness and pain that can inhibit your recovery. Taking CBD capsules, fish oil, or over-the-counter medication can help you stave off inflammation as you ride, and help you recover quickly.

Equipment and Tools
During a long ride, you need to stay hydrated above all else. The best equipment to help with this is a backpack or a vest with an easy delivery system so you can drink while you ride. One good vest is the Chase Protector Hydration Vest. It’s light, it’s comfortable, and can hold up to 70 ounces of water.

Most cyclists are now using smartphone apps on their rides, whether it’s a GPS app to provide directions, or others that provide feedback on their performance. Strava is one of the most widely used apps for cyclists, as it provides routes and competitive games with your friends through the app. If you want to use these apps, you’ll need a high quality phone mount to be able to see your phone as you ride. The Quad Lock Smartphone Mount is very light and durable, has a dual-lock system to make sure your phone doesn’t fall out, and provides a weather resistant covering to protect your phone from the elements.

Even if you don’t get any of the recommended equipment listed above, you’ll have a good idea of other factors that are useful for cyclists. Paying attention to your nutrition and energy, your hydration, and how you equip your various accessories that enhance your cycling experience should be priorities.

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