What's Cool In Road Cycling

Support a Young Talented Rider

The Belkin Pro Cycling TEAM has started a new crowdfunding project on ridethefuture.nl. Donate €10 and ride the future! The team will offer a young, talented rider the opportunity to become a professional cyclist and will rely on the support of all their fans for this. He will train in a special TEAM kit, which will contain the names of all the donators. This is again a way to give something back to the fans for their support.

Managing Director Richard Plugge is enthusiastic about the new crowdfunding project. “We want to build and foster great cycling talent and inspire a new generation of riders and fans. Earlier on, we started a fan club (teambelkinfans.com) and crowdfunding project via ridethefuture.nl. With the first project we funded Team Belkin Live and made a major step in communicating with our fans. With asking our fans to support a young rider we really involve the crowd in our search for new talent”.

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