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Taiwan KOM Challenge 2015

Brought to you by the Taiwan Travel Bureau & the Taiwan Cyclist Federation

Event Date & Time: OCTOBER 30th 2015
Total Prize Money: $2,410,000 (New Taiwan dollars, equivalent to over $80,000 US)

One Million New Taiwan Dollars for Overall Men’s Winner, $450,000NT Prizes for the Women’s Race, and Zero-Tolerance Anti-Doping Policy Continued. The Taiwan Travel Bureau in association with the Taiwan Cyclist Federation is proud to announce the details of the eagerly anticipated 2015 Taiwan KOM Challenge.

This year’s race sees $1,000,000NT first prize up for grabs in the men’s elite category ($32,200US), and a continuation of the zero tolerance drug policy that was first introduced in 2014 to international acclaim, the first (and still only) policy of its kind in Asia.

Now in its fourth year, the Taiwan KOM Challenge is firmly established as Asia’s premier hill climb event and as the toughest of its kind in the world. Indeed, anyone who witnessed last year’s wet, cold edition will attest to that.

The 105km route travels from the eastern coastal town of Hualien, starting at sea level, and rises along its route to the roof of Taiwan, up on HeHuan Mountain at 3,375 meters.

The course takes the participants up at an average 4% through the breathtaking Taroko Gorge to the 97km point at Dayuling, and then rises up over its remaining kilometers to a maximum incline of 27%, making for a brutal final 8 kilometers.

The mountain dwarfs anything that North America and Europe have to offer, making the Taiwan KOM Challenge truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, oxygen-depleted air and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment wait to greet those who finish the ride within the 6 and a half hour time limit. Last year’s winner John Ebsen of Denmark completed the race in an astonishing 3 hours 40 minutes and 5 seconds from the official timed start, which begins after the 18km of neutralised riding.

In the past professional riders of the caliber of Jeremy Roy of Francaise des Jeux, Simon Clarke of Orica-GreenEdge and Tiffany Cromwell of Velocio-SRAM have taken part in the event, a tradition which continues this year with some big name riders, to be announced later.

Prize money this year will total to 2,410,000 New Taiwan dollars ($80,000US), with NT$1,000,000 (US$33,376) going to the overall winner of the men’s event. Cash prizes will go down to the 6th rider over the line, with NT$1,750,000 in total available for the men.

Recognizing the growing interest on the women’s side of the sport and eager to encourage more women to ride the Taiwan KOM Challenge, the TTB and the TCF are again offering NT$200,000 ($6,675US) for the first female rider over the line. Similar to the men, cash prizes are available to the top 6 riders. In total there will be NT$440,000 ($15,000US) on offer for the women’s race.

The organisers of the Taiwan KOM Challenge 2015 will continue to implement drug testing for the top 6 riders and reserve the right to randomly test any other participant.

Furthermore, any rider with a previous record of doping will not be allowed to compete in the race. This decision is one that the Taiwan Cyclist Federation feels reflects the current climate in world cycling and is one that will encourage fairness.

The testing will be carried out by the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee and the tests will be analysed at a laboratory in Japan.

Registration for the event: https://www.taiwankom.org/.

Press and online media enquiries can be sent to our Communications Manager.[email protected].

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