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The Best Birthday Gifts for Cyclists 

It can be challenging to know what to buy our friends for their birthday, particularly if they seemingly have everything they need as many people seem to these days. If your friend is a keen cyclist, then you might think about buying them a gift related to their favourite past time.

The beauty of cycling is that there are so many different types: road cycling, mountain biking, or even home cycling with the thriving of movements like Peloton. Cycling offers an excellent means of exercising, and you can even do it from the comfort of your own home, instead of say watching tv or playing an online casino. In this post, we share some ideas with you about what you can buy for your friend’s birthday, particularly if they are a keen cyclist.

Continental Grand Prix 5000 Tyres

Any cyclist will thank you for giving their bike an upgrade on their birthday, and nothing shows you care like a set of new tyres. The Continental Grand Prix tyres are top of the range and come in various sizes, so just make sure you know the dimensions of your friend’s tyres before purchasing. Or at least keep the receipt so they can trade them in case they don’t fit.

The Road Book 2020

An excellent choice for any competitive cyclist, the Road Book 2020 is a collection of essays that discuss the destructive events that culminated in pausing the cycling calendar throughout 2020. This anthology of cycling also includes 31 beautifully curated photographs by Russ Ellis, as well as many teams and race profiles. A great stocking filler for your friends this Christmas, or a decent choice for any festive birthday.

The Rider, by Tim Krabbe

Sticking with books, The Rider is a timeless classic that any fan of cycling will enjoy. If the 2020 Road Book is not your cup of tea, then The Rider might be a better option as a birthday present. Written by Tim Krabbe, it documents his travails during an amateur cycle race in the summer of ’77. Filled with witty humour and relatable stories, the part memoir/part novel has developed a cult-like status amongst cyclists the world over.

Bianchi Merino Wool Cycling Jersey

We’ve all witnessed cyclists hurtling down the road at unbelievable speeds, decked out in all their cycling gear. It makes for quite an impressive sight. While many jerseys are available for you to purchase on the Internet, encompassing different cycling teams and brands, Bianchi is the oldest bicycling-making company still operating today. The retro jersey would undoubtedly make a great birthday present for a keen cyclist.

Titanium Bottle Cages

Bottle cages for bikes are widely available, and not all are expensive. However, if you want to treat your friend on their special birthday, consider splashing out on these elegant titanium cages from Silca. They are super light-weight and stylish, and your cycling buddy would be delighted to receive them as a birthday gift.

Mudhugger FRX front mudguard

Mountain bikers will tell you about the importance of front mudguards, as they save them from drenching in muddy water. Nothing shows you care about your mountain biking friend more than a gift of these excellent mudguards. They are made from 100% recycled materials and can be easily fitted to most tyres – a perfect option for any keen mountain biker.

PRO BIKE tool tubeless bike repair kit

Are you tired of hearing your cycling friend constantly bemoaning potholes, smashed glass, and other road debris that cause them puncture after puncture? An excellent way to help them out is by gifting them a tubeless bike repair kit for their birthday. It’s a super-compact way of dealing with punctures and ensuring you can be on your way without too much hassle. Your friend will undoubtedly thank you for it if they often suffer from punctures.

G-SHOCK heart-rate monitor watch

Do you really love your cycling buddy and care about their health? If so, treat them on their birthday to one of these G-SHOCK heart rate monitor watches that measures heart rate by detecting blood-flow under the skin. It also comes with GPS functionality that can display an indicator of cardiorespiratory capacity. A very thoughtful gift, who wouldn’t want to receive one of these on their birthday?

GoPro Hero 9

One for the mountain bikers and BMXers, the GoPro Hero 9 will detail their ride in 4K quality and will offer hours of entertainment when watching it back. Every bump they hit and every time they attempt a jump, their GoPro Hero 9 will capture it. Although it’s not cheap, a GoPro will undoubtedly be gratefully received.


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