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The Best Breathable Cycling Masks 2021 | NAROOMASK

Every year, pollen season arrives as a force to be reckoned with. Cyclists looking forward to the paths cutting through beautiful greenery often can also look forward to the pollen that blankets those paths in yellow. In some regions, pollen season includes summer and fall as well, making 75% of the year a time for itching, sneezing, and wheezing. There are several ways cyclists can deal with pollen, but one of the best is prevention. Don’t let pesky pollen into your mouth and nose and cause symptoms in the first place. Masks, tubulars, and balaclavas made to filter and protect are an excellent research-and-doctor-backed solution for cyclists who don’t want to be stuck inside during pollen season. That’s where NAROO comes in.

You may have seen NAROO’s Z5H in the Holiday Gift Guide #7, but this is where you’ll find how these sports accessories made by NAROO can help you get through pollen season. The F Series is a set of breathable, filtering masks and balaclavas tested and certified to filter not only pollen, but pollution and fine dust as well. NAROO was developed for athletes so that our performance isn’t deterred by pollen season. These accessories prevent 99% of pollen from entering airways while still remaining breathable. Most pollen particles are about 20 to 30 microns in size. NAROO has been tested and proven to filter particles as small as 1.7 microns. In some countries with heavy pollen seasons, NAROO has caught on as a major player in the prevention of allergies for athletes and non-athletes alike. The masks are washable, and no filter change is needed because the specially knitted fabric is the filter.

The NAROO F Series ranges from the everyday F.U Plus mask to the cold weather filtering F9F full-face balaclava. But how do you choose a breathable face mask to fit you and your cycling needs?  

A cyclist sits at attention on his bike in black white, a helmet, and a white NAROO F1S Copper Mask

For those of us who like to commute to and from work or ride in milder weather, the reversible F1S is a 2-in-1 deal especially suited for cyclists. It’s moisture-wicking, washable, filtering, breathable, and a shield against the UV, wind, and bugs. The MICRONET™ filter fabric sits in front of your nose and mouth, blocking 99% of ultrafine dust particles and pollen starting at 1.7 microns. The SPAN MESH in the back keeps you cool with its quick-drying fabric. Or you can flip it around so the SPAN MESH is in front of your nose and mouth for a bit more breathability. Needless to say, this is more than just a pollen mask. It’s a multiuse accessory that will take you through your commutes, trail rides, races, and wherever else you’re itching to ride.


With a city skyline in the background, a cyclist sits leans casually against a guardrail in all black gear, a helmet, and a blue NAROO F5 Mask.

If you’re in need of a little more coverage whether because the weather is getting a bit chillier or because the sun rays tend to burn the back of your neck, the F5 is a mask that is more like a full-coverage tubular that protects your neck and face from sun, wind, and cold while also filtering pollen. Ear loops keep it in place so it doesn’t ride down while wearing your helmet or cycling glasses/goggles. Like the F1S, the F5 has breathable holes in the back for breathability and 99% UV protection for those long rides under the sun.

Black F.U+ Copper mask with copper inner lining.For a little more protection in more crowded areas, you can turn to the F.U Plus Copper, an anti-microbial filtering masks that not only blocks fine dust and particles, but is 99% effective at killing microbes. The copper also deodorizes, prevents static, and protects against droplets. This mask is a bit thicker than the F1S and F5 because of the copper yarn woven into the knit-texture, but this is a great face mask for runners, cyclists, and regular people going about their daily lives.

NAROO doesn’t just sell masks, but breathing solutions and has for the past 20 years. Each breathable face mask, tubular filter mask, and protective balaclava is designed to solve the many environmental issues cyclists face throughout the year. Take a look at their site to see which is the best athletic face mask for you.

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