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The Best Slots to Play with a Cycling Theme

You’ll never believe how slot game developers and designers manage to mix so many diverse themes into the slots they create and release. We’re going to look at several cycling-themed slot games that you can find at a variety of online casinos.

To make this guide as interesting as possible, I’ve included slot games from a variety of companies. As a result, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to access and play most of the ones listed below if you like to play at different casinos using different software and gaming platforms.

Pedal Power

If you’re looking for cycling-themed slot games to play online, we recommend checking out the Pedal Power slot. For a Microgaming-designed and provided slot, there’s a lot to admire about its design.

With 15 pay lines and a variety of currency and staking possibilities, it’s a slot that’s both fun and inexpensive to play. Plus, with a free spin feature that allows you to choose how many free spins you want and how much multiplier you want when three or more scatters are spun in, it’s a fun and thrilling slot to play!

Overall, it’s a fantastic game for both novices and expert casino game players, since it’s both exciting and fast-paced on one hand, yet simple to grasp on the other. If you’re looking for a reputable online casino, check out this Betway online casino review.

Win a Bike

If you enjoy three-reel slots, ISoftBet’s “Win a Bike” slot game is one you should look for and play.

With only one pay line, it may appear that this will be a fairly dull slot to play! Think again, since it contains a unique wild symbol base game feature that might result in multiplier values as high as x15 for the wild symbols!

The paytable in Win a Bike is quite traditional, taking almost the full top half of the game screen. There is a list of all the game’s winning combinations as well as their coin values.

The first icon on the list is a typical bar sign. They may be combined and matched and come with a blue, orange, or black bike helmet. Depending on the quantity of your initial wager, bar symbol combos are worth 1 to 60 coins.

In many ways, Win a Bike resembles a typical arcade slot machine in appearance, and in many ways it is.

However, go deeper and you’ll discover an intriguing extra feature as well as the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win a real bike instead of cash, which is unheard of for most players.

Bike Mania

Portomaso Gaming is a relatively young slot game developer whose slot games are steadily being introduced to a variety of casino gaming platforms, and their appropriately named Bike Mania slot will be of interest to you if you are looking for cycling-related slot games to play online.

The Bike Mania slot machine is one of the finest casino games for slot machine fans in general, as well as cyclists and bike fanatics. Bike Mania is similar to other themed slots games in that it features cycling. You have wonderful in-game duties that offer you a complete experience.


What we like best about Bike Mania is that it contains some of the greatest symbols as well as amazing graphics. You sit on a BMX seat, ride on dirt tracks, and perform some impressive bike maneuvers.

The game’s excitement comes from the work of assembling bike pieces, which, in the end, earns you extra real money awards.

However, what makes the Bike Mania slot game so intriguing is that it features a fantastic BMX theme, as well as a fantastic music backing that will keep you tapping your foot while collecting real money rewards.

Earn Money with Bike Mania!

We think Bike Mania and other games like it from other companies are fantastic for individuals who don’t want to play dull games. It’s a fast-paced game in which you play quickly and earn money quickly. If you want to earn quick returns, make a deposit and start stacking those odds right now.

It’s a 5-reel slot machine with several pre-determined betting lines that will allow you to wager and win real money rewards. Peddles, chains, gloves, gears, bolts, and even letters are among the images and symbols from the theme, and many of them will earn you a lot of money.

Bike Mania Features and Rules

You must know how to play any online casino game, including Bike Mania, in order to win real money rewards. Like other games, this one allows you to change the size of the coin value because the bigger the coin value, the higher the payment.

If you wish to change the coin value, you may do so by pressing the button at the bottom of the screen. Don’t go too low or too high, but make an informed decision.

The game includes 25 active paylines that may be activated, but the more you add to the game, the more money you’ll lose on each roll. Naturally, select the lines you wish to play at the time to increase your chances of winning, but don’t get too confident at first.

We’d also recommend keeping an eye out for the special symbols, which are essential to making the game more engaging and rewarding.

Bike Mania, like many other casino games, or more particularly, slot games, contains a wild card that may be used to replace any other in order to complete a match. Except for the jackpot, bonus, and scatter symbols, anything else can be substituted. During the game, you can, of course, earn free spins.

The Golden Game Slot

Cycling is one of the many different sports that make up the Olympic Games, and if you choose to play slots like Playtech’s Golden Games slot, you’ll notice that one of the reel symbols on that slot is a cycling themed one.

What makes that slot stand out from others with a basic cycle theme is that it has a massive 10,000 coin-base game jackpot and may pay you with 20 free spins during which x2 multipliers will raise the value of any winning combos spun in as they play off!  If you want to play more Playtech free slots you need to visit Casinority.





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