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The Culprit Legend

Unlike any tri bike before it, the Culprit Legend is a true super bike. The triathlon-specific frame design has no seatstays, a unique front triangle (patented in Taiwan, China and Germany) and many other forward thinking attributes that make it as fast or faster than the competition while being easy to wrench and travel with.

The Culprit legend disc establishes its self as a serious contender in the Time Trial and Triathlon market. The data confirms that the Legend disc can compete with the best. Testing has shown that the differences between the Legend and P5-6 are very close. The average CDA difference between the two bikes is only .008, or 1.9 aero watts. This is even more astonishing considering the non integration and use of disc brakes. In addition, the Legend disc can beat the Cervelo P5-6 at several yaw’s and the Legend (retail value) can be purchased at 40% less than the retail value of a Cervelo P 5-6.

Help support this kickstarter project and get the best pricing now.

Kickstarter page for Culprit Legend with videos HERE.




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