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The First Rest Day with Alberto Contador

“If you think you can’t get it, it’s impossible to achieve it!”

Alberto Contador held a press conference today at the first rest day of the race, where he was optimistic about his chances in the race. The Saxo-Tinkoff team, with Contador in front, spent the morning riding one and a half hours and then Alberto used a few minutes to test the time trial bike thinking on Wednesday’s stage.

– Why not try to attack the yellow jersey yesterday during the stage?

-I was looking at the race and at the end I thought it was a senseless attack, because there were 30 kilometers left, there were still many riders in the group, because the previous climb was not very hard and I thought it was better to keep the strength to the next time trial.

– Did you take the decision or Michael Rogers told you?

-No, I decided myself. It is true that Michael has a lot of experience, but in these cases it’s best to know your own sensations to make a decision.

– To see Froome’s team in difficulty gives you hope for the next stages?

-Always is good to see that there may be weakness in his team, but it will not be usual, was something that surprised us. If there is another chance I’ll try to take it.

– How big was the surprise and how is your situation after the Pyrenees?

-It’s not the situation that I would, because I’d rather be at the same time as Froome, but I hadn’t a good day. Thanks to my teammate Kreuziger I’m still in the race, and next time trial is also better for Froome.

– How do you see the shape of Froome and yours, are there many differences?

-It is difficult to know, would have to do a power test to know exactly. He is very strong and mine is not extraordinary, but a lot of things can happen. Throughout my career the last week has always been the best in the big tours and although Froome is very strong, also in the last Vuelta a España the last week was so long for him.

– How do you see yourself for the next time trial?

-It will be difficult for me, because it is completely flat, suitable for specialists and in this sense is a disadvantage. What is clear is that I’ll give hundred percent and we’ll see what happens.

– You say last week can be hard for Froome, can you get the spirit of Fuente Dé?

-That the last week can be hard for Froome is only a possibility, because so far has shown no weakness. I’m going to try, because leg hurts to all and if you do not think you can get it, is impossible to achieve anything. Sometimes you have to take risks and you have to try something.

-Froome said these days that cycling has changed over the recent years. You, who has been riding for ten years, should we believe that you have always raced clean?

-The only thing I can say is that I’ve always raced clean and always will. You can believe what you want.

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