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The Top Cycling Events Every Fan Must Know

While there are plenty of major cycling events happening throughout the world, they don’t quite get the amount of promotion that other major sports get, which is somewhat annoying. Even if you are a cycling fan, you might not even be aware of some of them. Hopefully this guide will help you with some awesome places to dabble in some cycling betting (perhaps using some cash you’ve won at one of the low wagering casinos).

We’ll talk about major events like the Tour de France, Milan-San Remo, Olympic Games, and Vuelta A Espana. Events where some of the best cyclists take part, and the ones that attract a wealth of reviews. If you’re after cycling betting offers at major sportsbooks, you’ll probably find plenty available for these events too.

This isn’t a guide on how to bet on cycling, but you can think of it as a guide to cycling events and cycling betting tips. So, you know the major events that you should be gambling on.


Tour de France
When most people think of cycling competitions, they think of the Tour de France. In fact, this is the event where most cycling betting seems to happen. It is easily accessible and, honestly, it is one of the most-watched sporting events in the world.

The Tour de France is the largest cycling event in the world. Running since 1903 (although, it never ran during either World War), competitors compete over 21 stages. They’ll be dashing through mountains, and plenty of roads as they circumnavigate France.

While it is called the Tour de France, there have been times that this race has started outside of France, with one of the biggest departures being from the UK in 2007. However, this is one of the professional bicycle races that always ends the same way – in spectacular fashion – with a dash through Paris, with all the top cyclists pedaling their way around the Arc du Triomphe. It is the last day of the event that manages to attract most of the cycling betting.

So, if you want to watch just one race this year, albeit one stretched across multiple days, then what better way to entertain yourself with the most famous bike race in France? Actually, no, scratch that. The most famous bike race in the world. You’ll probably have fun choosing your cycling betting picks for each stage of the race too. We certainly do.

Milan-San Remo
Milan-San Remo is the longest one-day Classic, at almost 300km. And, for cycling betting fans, it is one of the top professional cycling races.

Milan San-Remo started in 1907, and cyclists will be traveling from near Milan in the north of Italy to San Remo on the coast. Since most of the course is flat, it favors sprinters. In fact, you’ll see cyclists traveling faster in this race than any other.

Those who dabble in cycling betting may spend a lot of time focusing on Milan San-Remo. It happens in March, and it is the first major race of the season. The winner here must be fast, but also needs to have huge amounts of endurance. So, what happens here could dictate how your cycling betting will go for the rest of the famous bike races happening throughout the year.

Giro D’Italia
In May, at the start of the Grand Tour season, the Giro D’Italia starts and, honestly, it is one of the toughest events for cycling betting. This is because you never quite know what conditions will await the competitors. One year there may be loads of snow during the mountainous parts, the next almost monsoon-like rain and, of course, lots and lots of sun.

Running since 1909, the Giro D’Italia has always been an indictor of how your cycling betting should be focused for the Grand Tour season, with this one of the famous bike races offering plenty of opportunity to keep tabs on riders that can ‘go the distance’ on the endurance front. Plus, you get to see how those at the top of their game can cope with unpredictable weather conditions.

Olympic Games
The Olympic Games happens every four years and, for many cyclists, winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games means they have reached the height of their career. It means that they are the best in the world at their sport.

One of the great things about the Olympic Games is that there are so many different events to get your cycling betting groove on. You have road races, sprints, relays, and more. Cycling is one of the biggest events at the Olympics, and you’ll have an event almost every single day for about 2 weeks, and since the competitors will be at the top of their game, you’ll be seeing some seriously professional bike races.

We especially love the Olympic Games for cycling betting, since there is a lot of focus on cycling events that you see rarely represented on the major cycling betting websites e.g. BMX biking, so you can change the way you bet on cycling here.

Vuelta A Espana
The Vuelta A Espana is one of the hardest of the professional bike races since it occurs at the end of the Grand Tour season i.e. when all the cyclists are starting to get a bit tired. The problem for them? They’ll be cycling in the blistering August heat of Spain, and there’s a lot of major steep mountains to climb. This is why you’ll need to pay attention to your cycling betting on professional cycling throughout the year, because you want to know who has the endurance to see themselves through to the end of the race.

People love watching the Vuelta A Espana, because while it is clear that the professional cyclists are starting to show their tiredness, the scenery is stunning – full of beautiful mountains, wide open fields, and even the small towns. Spain is just a gorgeous country.








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