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Theo Bos back in action in GP Houtland

Theo Bos will start Belgium’s GP Houtland on Wednesday September 25 after a period of forced rest. The Belkin Pro Cycling Team withhold the rider from racing the Vuelta a España after a control showed low cortisol levels. After attending external specialists the team’s medical staff completed the investigation into Bos’ low cortisol levels. The conclusion is that an asthma medication​​ caused the low levels.

Tour of Spain
Bos didn’t start the Tour of Spain after a regular UCI pre-race control showed low cortisol levels.
The UCI would have allowed Bos to start the Vuelta with low cortisol levels but the Belkin Pro Cycling Team adheres to the Movement for a Credible Cycling (MPCC). The movement aims to increase cycling’s credibility with higher standards. The internal rules of the movement force a rider with low cortisol levels to take an eight-day rest. A rider is only allowed to return when he has normal cortisol levels.

External specialists examined the case together with the medical staff of the Belkin Pro Cycling Team. Pulmonologist Dr. Shelley Overbeek, endocrinologist Dr. Christine Oldenburg and clinical chemist Dr. Douwe de Boer came to the following conclusions:
-there hasn’t been abuse of synthetic corticosteroids.
-a scientific test protocol has shown that Bos is extremely responsive to the use of the asthma medication he regularly took. A pulmonologist prescribed the medication. After reviewing the studies, the Belkin Pro Cycling Team’s medical staff said Bos is free to race again.

Reaction Theo Bos
“I’m very happy and relieved to know the exact reason for my low cortisol levels. When I heard I couldn’t race in Spain, I was really surprised. Fortunately, my team-mates and colleagues supported me well,” Bos said. “The study’s results provide a clear story. Everything is clarified. We’re now going to look for another asthma medication. During the investigation I already started riding my bike now and then. With everything behind me, I can start racing with good feelings. I’m looking forward to the GP Houtland and after that the Tour of Beijing.”

Reaction Richard Plugge
Belkin Pro Cycling Team’s CEO, Richard Plugge is delighted to have Bos back in the team. “We are pleased that renowned experts have drawn a clear conclusion and that Theo is able to start,” Plugge explained. “We missed him as a good colleague and of course, in the last straight metres. In the meantime, we have asked the MPCC to settle the international debate regarding the rule (to not start with low cortisol levels due to health issues) with international academic evidence,” Plugge said. “According to the UCI’s medical commission there’s no consensus between international medical experts on the subject. That’s why the UCI has not adopted the rule. The Dutch Doping Authority questions the rule, as well. Uniformity is of a major importance for cycling’s credibility.”

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