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Theo Bos will not start in the Vuelta

Theo Bos will not start in the Vuelta a España today. The team has decided to send Bos home to recover because of low cortisol levels that appeared in a regular pre-race UCI test, which is an indication of sub optimal health conditions. The team received an e-mail from the UCI this morning that low cortisol levels were measured in the regular UCI pre-race test last Thursday. According to the UCI riders with low cortisol levels are allowed to start in World Tour races but the Belkin Pro Cycling medical staff has together with Theo Bos decided to let Bos travel home.

The Belkin Pro Cycling Team is a member of the MPCC (Mouvement Pour un Cyclisme Credible) an association that wants to defend the idea of clean cycling. The rules of the MPCC state that riders with cortisol levels that are too low, should not race until these levels are within a normal range.

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