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Tinkoff-Saxo choose training partner Dabliu

Tinkoff-Saxo presents Dabliu as Technical Partner for core fitness and stretching to improve the athletic form of the riders.

Dabliu, one of the most important Italian networks operating in the field of fitness, will be Official Technical Partner of Tinkoff-Saxo for the development of fitness programs. Dabliu’s training experts are visiting the team for the first time at team training camp at Passo del Tonale, where team trainer Pino Toni works on preparing the riders for the second half of the season.

“We’re very happy that Dabliu is joining our team starting here at our training camp. Already now it’s working really well and the riders are excited about trying it. The special programs for training and stretching that Dabliu has created work really well for cyclists in general”, says Pino Toni and adds.

“The core training and stretching routines means that the riders can activate more muscle fibers and they thereby become better and more powerful on the bike. If you have a strong core it gives you a big advantage but you don’t train your core intensely on the bike, so Dabliu has created a program for the riders that they can follow – also when they are at home”.

For almost 18 years, Dabliu has been at the forefront of the fitness industry by being stand one of the most innovative and contemporary proponents for the development of technological and methodological training.

“We’re extremely proud of this partnership. Our trainers will follow the team during the whole season, especially during the team’s training camps to supervise the workouts. We’re confident that integrating specific cycling training with a protocol of toning, stretching and posture will improve the team’s performance”, says Andrea Pambianchi, Project Manager and Co-Owner of Dabliu

Attentive to innovation, Ugo and Andrea Pambianchi, owners and managers of Dabliu, are also in partnership with “Hard Candy Fitness” – the global brand of luxury fitness clubs founded by star singer Madonna.

Dabliu currently operates eight fitness clubs in Rome, Italy – 6 under the Dabliu brand and 2 as Hard Candy Fitness – with nearly 35,000 clients and club members each year.

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