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Top 5 Bike-Friendly Student Cities

 Riding a bike is a fun simple activity that can benefit you in terms of both physical and psychological well-being. Many people find it very enjoyable to observe surroundings, listen to the birds singing and feel the light wind blowing into their face while riding a bike. This activity certainly can make you happier.

Cycling is also a great way to burn calories without harming the joints. Additionally, it improves the cardiovascular system, lowers blood pressure, builds muscle, and gives a great energy boost. An immense amount of research shows that daily cycling exercise can relieve stress, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, and improve sleep patterns.

What’s more, scientists assume that riding a bike every day makes you smarter. It has been proven that regular moderate exercise in the fresh air sharpens memory and enhances learning, improving overall brain performance.

It’s also important to note that using a bicycle can save you lots of money. Instead of paying for gasoline and motor oil for your car, you can buy something nice for yourself. You don’t have to spend money on car maintenance, insurance, and parking if you prefer riding a bike instead of driving.

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Bike-Friendly Cities


Copenhagen is probably one of the best cities to live in if you love riding a bike. Its citizens praise the city for its cycle highways. Just imagine, there are 5.2 bicycles for every car, according to some statistics. The city has a highly developed cycle culture since Copenhageners have been using bikes to get around since the 1880s. What’s more, it was officially called the world’s first ‘bike city’. Just imagine, it has over 390km of cycle paths!


This city can boast of having more than 800,000 bicycles. In fact, the capital of the Netherlands’ has more bikes than people. According to some estimates, there are nearly 240 miles of cycle lanes, which is really a lot. Locals consider biking not just a hobby but the best way to travel. Probably, that’s the reason why bicycles and pedestrians take priority on the city’s roads. In Amsterdam, students can benefit from a great scheme for cyclists called Student-Bike. If you study in this city or nearby, you can get a fancy bike free of charge.


One of the fifth journeys made in British Cambridge is cycling. There are more than 6,200 bicycle parking spaces in the city, so students give preference to this means of transportation. If you love competition and adventures, you can even join Cambridge University Cycling Club. It gives students the possibility to become a part of the cycling community. In addition, numerous bike shops provide students with generous discounts, so you can take advantage of studying at college.


A decade ago, Barcelona wasn’t a bike-friendly city. It used to have a lot of wide urban roads and densely populated side streets, which made moving around quite chaotic. However, recently, it started embracing bicycles. Today, the city has one of the most extensive 30km/h zones in the world. It can also boast one of the most-used bicycle sharing programs over the globe, called Bicing. Just imagine, it has more than 100,000 users now. Although the program doesn’t offer a student discount, it’s still quite affordable because a yearly membership costs only €47.


Although the temperature in Minneapolis is very changeable throughout the year and fluctuates from −9.1°C in January to 23.2°C in July, it doesn’t prevent the citizens from getting around by bike. In fact, this is the only American city where cycling is so admired by people. Bikes are commonly used not only for recreation and entertainment but also considered as the best way to travel. Because of long traffic jams, students can get to school much faster using a bike.


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Michael Turner is a study coach and academic writer at one of the world-renowned assignment writing services. He helps students deal with their college tasks and get significantly better academic outcomes. In his free time, Michael prefers doing different kinds of physical exercise, including jogging and cycling. He believes that riding a bike is extremely beneficial for both body and brain.






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