What's Cool In Road Cycling

Top 6 Cycling Apps

There are lots of ways to spend your free time. For example, you can read books, watch movies or play casino games. Yet, what if you want to spend this time more actively? Then you should try cycling. To make your training more efficient, you can use these apps.

Strava: Run & Ride Training
A great app for runners and cycling enthusiasts. It records all your activity data and conveniently displays your running speed, pace, distance, calories burned, route and much more.

Strava allows you to keep in touch with like-minded people, have group races, or just keep track of your cycling friends’ progress. The app has a simple and uncluttered interface.

Another version of the bike computer that, unlike its alternatives, does not require any registration. Also, it allows you to track your physical activity and get detailed statistics for each ride. The ability to plot a route is available both online and for the maps downloaded through the app.

Zwift is an online multiplayer game that feeds data from your exercise bike, parameter or gauge while simulating a real bike ride. Although the game is virtual, you will spend real effort. Winter training on the exercise bike will no longer be so boring.

The Sufferfest Training
The Sufferfest Training allows you to enjoy and be inspired by real cycling footage accompanied by a nice soundtrack while you train. A special feature of the app is the focus not only on functional threshold power but also on measurements of neuromuscular power, anaerobic power and maximum anaerobic power.

This app provides an in-depth analysis of the rider’s performance and fitness, and the training can be much more productive. 

Besides, training plans include yoga classes adapted to cyclists and classes to strengthen the psychological component.

Cyclemeter – Cycling & Running
A relatively simple iPhone app that knows how to save your ride route on Google maps and share it with friends on Twitter or Facebook.

Basically, it’s a cycling computer that will save all your trip data and allow you to view information about past outings.

TrainingPeaks is an app with installed software to help you prepare for races. The platform will be useful for the novice cyclist looking for a training plan. It will also be helpful for the person who practices under the guidance of a trainer, and even for those who want to create a program and analyze their training.

After all, cycling is a great sport. Yet, it will become even more enjoyable if you use these apps. They will surely make your workouts more efficient.

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