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Tour de Pologne Challenge Trentino

Bicycling through the Dolomites from Cavalese to Passo Pordoi to celebrate the Tour de Pologne.

The Tour de Pologne Challenge Trentino is the new, exciting event brought to you by the Lang Team, which will bring enthusiasts out to pedal in the heart of the Dolomites, following in the tyre-tracks of the Tour de Pologne. In fact, with the Challenge Trentino you can relive the thrills of the grand start off of the 70th Tour de Pologne, which took place in 2013 and set off with two stages right here in the Dolomites.

The Tour de Pologne Challenge Trentino is an event organized by the Lang Team in association with Trentino Marketing (Marketing Company for the Territory of Trentino), which in 2015 will be the official partner of the Tour de Pologne for the sixth consecutive year.

There’s no need to be a champion in order to participate, but considering the arduous route you mustn’t be afraid of hard effort and you will need a minimum of training and confidence with a bike. In fact the race, which is scheduled for Saturday, June the 6th, is open to everyone: amateurs, cycling tourists and simple enthusiasts. The race starts in Cavalese and arrives at the top of the Passo Pordoi after taking on, in short order, the climbs on the Passo Pampeago and Passo Costalunga through the Val di Fiemme and the Val di Fassa.

It’s 75 km of fantastic appeal, which will retrace the conclusive part of the 2nd stage in the 2013 Tour de Pologne, when the honour and well deserved win on the peak of the Pordoi went to Christophe Riblon, and Rafal Majka captured the yellow leader’s jersey. On June 6th, for the occasion of the event on top of the Passo Pordoi, a commemorative plaque will be unveiled and inaugurated to mark that unforgettable day in 2013 when the Polish stage race passed through the Dolomites. And it’s not all just about the Tour de Pologne; Pampeago, Costalunga and Pordoi are three giants that are part of the pink legend of the Giro d’Italia, climbs which have written the history of great cycling.

“Trentino is an integral part of the Tour de Pologne, there is a relationship of great collaboration and close friendship that binds us together,” explains General Director for the Tour de Pologne Czeslaw Lang. “For me, to see the Tour de Pologne climb the Dolomites was like seeing a dream become reality. The Tour de Pologne Challenge Trentino strives to be a tribute in order to remember and relive this extraordinary event. Back in 2013, to mark the occasion of the stage, we organized a time trial climb on the Passo Pordoi open to everyone, which enjoyed great success.”

Thanks to the partnership with Trentino Marketing, special sojourn offers will be organized for the Tour de Pologne Challenge Trentino, offers studied specifically to meet the needs of all those who want to partake in this fantastic experience and spend a bicycling holiday in the Dolomites.

“In Poland the passion for cycling is in continuous expansion. There is eagerness and enthusiasm to learn, to discover and practice this beautiful sport. The Dolomites are considered a cathedral for cyclists. Cycling lovers can’t help but come here to take on these mountains at least once in their lifetime. Therefore, with this race we hope to bring Polish fans to visit Trentino and discover the Dolomites, even through cycling, since many Poles already come here in winter to ski” concludes Czeslaw Lang.

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