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Tour de Pologne – Emotions and Behind the Scenes

Exhibition has been opened in Blue City Shopping Center in Warsaw.

“Tour de Pologne – emotions and behind the scenes” exhibition has been opened in Blue City Shopping Center in Warsaw. The opening was attended by Czeslaw Lang and Dariusz Baranowski, three time winner of the Tour de Pologne. The exhibition will be presented in Warsaw until 20 February. In the coming weeks, it will be seen in Gdansk, Katowice, Rzeszow and Krakow.

The exhibition “Tour de Pologne – emotions and behind the scenes” is a collection of black-and-white, large-format photographs that perfectly capture the atmosphere of the cycling race. They show the excitement of riders, but also discover lesser-known side of our national race. “In the pictures you can see the ‘cycling kitchen’, for example the interior of professional coaches groups. There are pictures of powerful storm during the first stage of 71st Tour de Pologne. There are also photographs, which captured the beauty of struggle, triumph, or exhaustion” said Czeslaw Lang.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended also by great cyclist, now Eurosport commentator Dariusz Baranowski. Three-time winner of the Tour de Pologne discovered race backstage with the early 90s. “Back then it was a totally different event, first of all it was a race for amateurs. In 1993 it started to be a professional cycling event ” said Baranowski.

The exhibition focuses on the 71. Tour de Pologne, who joined in the celebration of the 25th anniversary of free elections in Poland. The riders took off from the gate of the Gdansk Shipyard, and after traveling more than 1,250 kilometers to the finish line arrived in Krakow. Race enjoyed great popularity, cheered the riders from about 2.7 million fans. Broadcasts in the Polish Television attracted millions of viewers in front of screens. “Tour de Pologne – emotions and behind the scenes” will visit several cities stage of last year’s race. The Blue City in Warsaw photos will be on display from 12 to 20 February. Next steps are Gdansk (Baltic Gallery, February 21 – March 1), Katowice (Katowice Gallery, 3-10), Rzeszow (Rzeszow Gallery, 11-19 March), Cracow (Krakow Gallery March 20-29).



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