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Double XP and new Route Badges will help Zwifters level up, unlock new kit and earn all-important bragging rights amongst their friends

Zwift, the global online fitness platform, has today announced the return of the Tour of Watopia for 2022. Zwift’s Tour of Watopia is held in Zwift’s iconic Watopia and offers the opportunity to level-up twice as fast thanks to double XP. Beginning March 9th, the Tour of Watopia will run over five stages with routes and distances for all abilities.

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A number of new routes will be debuting for the first time during the Tour of Watopia. Four new cycling routes, Three Little Sisters, Triple Flat Loops, Downtown Titans and Eastern Eight have been created by the Zwift Community. Additional routes, Italian Villas Sprint and Mayan Bridge Loop, have been added for runners. Formerly routes collectively known as ‘Rebel Routes’, these are a selection of routes created by the community. Previously navigated using manual turns in the game, these routes can now be enjoyed freely by all, and with the added incentive of six new route badges to unlock. Even more XP!


A new gravel route is launching for the Tour of Watopia called Handful of Gravel. Zwift will be laying down gravel over existing dirt for a new way to experience the jungle. ToW also offers opportunities for new and seasoned Zwifters a chance to explore new routes and earn new badges while also earning double XP during each ride or run.

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For all those taking part in the Tour of Watopia, double XP provides the added incentive to take you the extra mile. Want to unlock a new section of Watopia, acquire new level-locked swag or simply brag to your friends about your Zwift level, well now’s the time to capitalize! For those really looking to game the system, the new route badges will also help you unlock even more XP.

Everything is double in Zwift’s most gamified Tour, including the PowerUps. During Watopia events, PowerUps will be effective for twice the time.

In case all that wasn’t enough, upon completing all 5 stages, all Zwifters will unlock the 2022 Tour of Watopia kit.

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The Tour of Watopia takes place between 9th March and 3rd April. More information, including details of how to take part in each stage can be found at zwift.com/tour-of-watopia.



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