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Team Trek-Segafredo Training Camp january 2017, Mallorca/Spain

Train like Trek-Segafredo

In a world’s first, “Train like Trek-Segafredo” combines the sports science, workouts, training plans and data analysis tools that our team uses every day with video content from riders, coaches, and sport directors. The video content explains the workouts, preparation for events, nutrition and training ‘tips & tricks’, giving valuable context to the training prescription.

Luca Guercilena, General Manager of Trek-Segafredo, commented: “Today’s Plan offers us great software that makes life easier for our riders, coaches, doctors, and directors to follow-up on training and physical performance.”

“At Trek-Segafredo we always try to involve our fans in different ways. Fans come first and now, thanks to this exciting initiative with Today’s Plan, they even get the possibility to train like our riders. Yet another unique way of going behind the stripes.”

Ben Bowley, the CEO of Today’s Plan, said, “Train like Trek-Segafredo takes our proven world-class cycling software platform to a new level. Numbers and data are only one of the aspects required for a rider to achieve his or her goals. Train like Trek-Segafredo combines the structured workouts and data analysis side of our platform with high-quality video insights from riders & performance staff. This allows the everyday rider to better understand their training and event preparation.”

“We are combining the analytical side of training with the human aspect by including tailored insights from some of the world’s best riders, coaches, and performance staff. Our technology allows us to deliver that content at the right training or event preparation time. This ensures that the everyday rider understands both the ‘what to do’ and the ‘why am I doing it?’ to ensure a better training outcome.”

What is included in the program?

* access to the Trek-Segafredo training platform
* choice of training plan
* structured workouts that can be exported to popular training devices and other platforms
* training calendar
* dashboards for tracking training progress
* data uploads from popular devices & platforms
* video content from riders with each workout
* tips, tricks and explanation videos from performance staff
* online technical support from Today’s Plan

More info to be found at Today’s Plan

Team Trek-Segafredo Training Camp january 2017, Mallorca/Spain

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