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Training During The COVID-19 Pandemic: How To Stay Bikeathon-Fit

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only impacted the economy and the businesses sectors, but it has also hindered many an athletes’ fitness routine. The sad truth is that we’ve lost what summer fun we could have had to an invisible threat. For many cyclists, the community-wide quarantines have been a difficult measure to endure, not just because we’re losing out on training sessions, but because we are unable to do one of the things that we love to do – cycling.

Now, whether you’re an athlete or an enthusiast, we need to understand that the pandemic is something that we will hopefully eventually solve. The world will eventually go back to normal. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for fitness. To many people, slacking off can mean that they lost what fitness habits they had prior to the pandemic.

So, rather than lose your progress completely, what are some ways that you can train for a bikeathon in spite of the pandemic?

Indoor Training
While most areas have been able to prevent and contain the spread of the Coronavirus, there are others that remain in a community lockdown. This means that they are unable to train outdoors, the ideal training ground for cyclists. Fortunately, there are ways to create similar training scenarios indoors. There are kits that allow users to turn bike into stationary bike platforms so that they’re able to train indoors.

Virtual Bike Races
But, even when you have the means to train, simply paddling away on an exercise bike can quickly become monotonous, especially for enthusiasts who crave the adventure that cycling brings in the form of lush scenery and the adrenaline from navigating difficult corners and downhill slopes. While those are difficult and expensive to replicate, the thrill of the race is something that can definitely be simulated.

Virtual races have been around for a while, and their implementation has long been perfected, to a point that some video games are even based entirely on real-time virtual races. In fact, there’s even an eSports event that caters specifically to virtual cycling.

Other Benefits
Besides the benefits of maintaining your current level of fitness as well as boosting the immune system in order to improve resistance against the Coronavirus, indoor exercising also helps maintain emotional and psychological health. Exercising at a less intense degree is much better than completely stopping training routines. It also helps provide an outlet for the energy stored in your body. Imagine the difficulty of having to adjust to an abrupt change, where a person used to train hard, now has to contend with the boredom of being confined within the four walls of a home.


So, even when it may not be as good as actual cycling, stationary bikes do help to simulate the movement of cycling. Those who have to stay indoors don’t have much choice, and the dangers of heading outside despite a lockdown will not only threaten one life, but also that of the people nearby. So, again, train if you can, stay indoors if you must, but never, ever stop training completely.

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