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Unique Things You Can Bet on in Cycling

While cycling isn’t the most popular sport, it has a decent following all around the world. In addition, it is packed with action, and there are lots of amazing things to bet on. 

Cycling betting is an easy market, and even a beginner can understand it and make profits. Here are a few unique things to bet on in cycling.

  1. Track Cycling Betting

Track cycling racing is about cyclists racing around velodromes. They are banked oval-shaped tracks. Betting in track cycling is exciting because of its fast-paced nature. The track races are extremely fast, and they do not last as long as traditional braces.

There are ten events divided into categories like Sprint, Endurance, and Combined. All of these events happen at the World Championships. Keirin, Team Sprint, Team Pursuit, and Omnium are also present in the Olympics.

Betting on these races is the same. All you need to do is bet on the team of cyclists you are rooting for in a competition. You can bet on the country they are representing, a team, or individual contestant.

However, track cycling betting is mostly about teams that participate as countries. After all, track cycling tournaments happen at international level. Most of the races focus on the teams that will be first to cross the finish line. You can bet on a specific country.

  1. Time Trial Cycling

This type of cycling has cyclists on a track competing against each other. The goal is to record the fastest time. There are trial events where teams try to record the fastest time possible.

This bet can be thrilling, mainly because everything happens fast. Watching your favorite cyclists go past the finish line within seconds can be pretty dramatic.

  1. Sprint Cycling

Sprint cycling has two or four cyclists starting alongside each other. They aim to beat competing riders to the finishing line. However, it is slightly more dramatic than that. They use various tactics to win.

Sprint cycling is especially thrilling because the contestants have to be strategic with their defense and attacks. To bet on sprint cyclists correctly, you need to check every cyclist’s records.

Think of how you need to check NBA power rankings and the latest NBA offensive rankings before you predict how many points a player will score. It’s a similar process, except the data you need to check is about cycling.

  1. Omnium Cycling

The Omnium features multiple events that happen over a few days. It is equivalent to a heptathlon. Cyclists can compete in different disciplines, including flying lap, scratch race, points race, and time trial. The rider who gets the highest points all through the competition wins.

The fun part is that the cyclist who wins must be able to specialize in different facets. Riders from other disciplines are unlikely to compete and win.

  1. Keirin Cycling

This type of cycling originates from Japan. It requires riders to chase a motorbike for a part of the race. The cyclists stay behind the motorbike, which improves its speed progressively. The motorbike disappears at some point, and the cyclists rush for the finish line.

You’ll love betting on this type of cycling if you are interested in endurance and sprint capacity. There are a few types of Keirin cycling bets. They include:

  • First and second place without a specific order
  • The cyclists to secure first and second place in that particular order
  • First, second, and third positions.
  1. BMX (Bicycle Motocross) Betting

With BMX betting, cyclists compete on dirt tracks with jumps and other obstacles. The race is action-packed and can be highly unpredictable. Since it was introduced in the 1960s, BMX has become very exciting, especially for fans in pursuit of some excitement.

Since 2008, BMX betting has been included in the Summer Olympics. Eight riders are lined up at the gate and then released to race in a one-lap track. During bigger events, the competition is separated into three stages: The time trials, the qualifiers, and the finals.

Since 1993, the sport has been part of the Union Cyclists Internationale and World Championships. BMX sports come in the following variations:

  • BMX dirt
  • BMX flatland
  • BMX street
  • BMX racing
  1. Mountain Biking Betting

Mountain bike racing is a lot like traditional road racing. The main difference is that you’ll have cyclists navigating rough terrains and off-road courses. Mountain biking the racing events include:

  • Downhill
  • cross-country
  • free ride
  • endure
  • dirt jumping
  • trail riding

The sport has been part of the Olympics since 1996. The biggest mountain biking events to bet on include the UCI World Cup Series, the Enduro World Series, and the UCI MTB World Championships.

  1. Best Young Rider

You may be able to bet on the ‘Best young rider’ category in some events. Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France are some of your best options to bet on the category. You can bet on the best-performing player under 25. While the result may be obvious, there are lots of instances when the unexpected happens, making things even more exciting. 

  1. Futures Bets

Before the start of a race or tour, you can bet on who will eventually win. Even though the bet can be pretty risky, it could yield significant returns. If there is a clear favorite, you are unlikely to win lots of money.

Futures cycling bets are for brave bettors. Do not invest your money unless you have a lot of trust in a particular team or cyclist.

  1. Single Day Races

These races are completed in a day. They may be circuit or sprint races based on whether you will be betting on-road/cross country or mountain bike races. While sprints are common, organizing circuits is much easier. You would have less terrain to clear and organize.


Cycling is not the first choice for most bettors. However, it can be a lot of fun. There are lots of major sporting events and plenty of unique things to bet on. No matter what bet you choose, go in with a good strategy.

Since there are fewer cycling events than other sports, you have to bet more to avoid denting your bankroll. Take advantage of the few events to maximize profits. The risky nature of cycling betting makes it even more exciting.




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